In the capital of Adygea launched the first multiplex of digital broadcasting

In the capital of Adygea Maikop launched today the first multiplex digital broadcasting, which includes ten television and three radio channels. Adygea was the first region in the South of Russia, which has built a digital television network.

As the Director of Broadcasting Center Adygea Konstantin Vinogradov, "figure" is available to all citizens of the country, even the most mountainous villages. "They can take the free program in great quality, regardless of the distance from the center of the Republic — Vinogradov said. — Eliminate the" digital divide "in urban areas and" rural heartland. "

In Adygea, built a network of ground-based TSETRV, commissioned facility coding and re-multiplexing of digital programs. It processes the signals of federal programs, which includes regional and local advertising. 

Prior to launching the multiplex network up and running in test mode. Experts of the Center of consulting support, which was opened in the spring of this year, helped people to understand all the details of digital TV technology.

By the end of this year will launch a second package of federal channels in 2014 — the third. Total planned order of 30 television and 10 radio programs. Until the end of 2015 Adygea fully switch to digital broadcasting.

Federal Target Program "Development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015", in which the construction is carried out in Adygea state network of digital terrestrial broadcasting is implemented for five years. Already spent 144 million rubles, of which 12 million rubles — means "the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network".

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