In the capital of BAM replaced by a modern scanner

Blagoveshchensk. February 13. VOSTOK-MEDIA — Residents of the northern territories of the Amur Region will no longer need to go to the research of the joints and internal organs in the regional center — Tynda Central Regional Hospital appeared the 16-slice scanner. German high-end equipment received by the regional healthcare modernization program.

A distinctive feature of this device — the ability to collect data on the status of the patient in a matter of minutes. Modern equipment allows to make three-dimensional models of almost all body parts and study them in more detail on the computer.

"Urgent pathology or any space-occupying lesions of the brain and internal organs — is, of course, we'll see," — said the radiologist Tynda CRH Nicholas Kotz.

Cost scanner — more than 14 million rubles. The same unit works in a private hospital, railway, and other inhabitants of the area Tyndinskogo tomography has to pay. In the near future for all CDH patients, these studies will be free. While the new scanner is running in test mode, preparing nurses to be trained.

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