In the capital of Khakassia in Siberia, the biggest construction market agricultural

The head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin held a visiting staff meeting on the construction of the national agricultural market.

The total cost of 115 million rubles. The building will house more than a hundred retail spaces intended for agricultural producers and processors.


The first agricultural market will be located near the center of Abakan. The area of shopping center — Bole 3.5 thousand square meters. The market will take two levels plus a basement, which will house a vegetable store, a veterinary point, refrigerated warehouses. Around the market in due course there will be access roads for freight transport and ample parking for nearly two hundred cars.

— It is necessary to give a chance to the farmers by selling directly. And give them the market places, even if they are able to trade only a few days a year — said the head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin. — Large-scale farmers can calculate the output for the whole year and is constantly brought to the sale of goods. But for ordinary farmers to adapt, so the free zone should be. This year, the poultry sold four months. And if people understand that they will receive one of the most profitable sales points — places in the capital, stretched their products for even longer.

We build, first of all, an important social facility. For visitors to the farmers market should be attractive in all senses — a beautiful, cozy, comfortable, where people can get clean, fresh, tasty and inexpensive products.

Complete the work as soon as possible, so that the local farmers had the opportunity to realize the comfort of the current crop already.

In the market you can buy not only fresh, sour cream, eggs or low-cost domestic pork from local farmers. List of products will include at least 25 items.

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