In the development of special weapons for MIA stole 6 million rubles

In the development of special weapons for MIA stole six million rublesPoint the management of its security department RF checks the legality of federal budget expenditures for the execution of development works for the needs of Internal Affairs. According to the report Goosby Ministry of Internal Affairs, "in order to control the operational staff of the Head management completely withdrawn official documentation on municipal contracts concluded PKU NPO" STIS "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in 2011, which aims to develop models of special weapons and equipment for the needs of the police."

Namely, in municipal contract 23. 03. 2009 provided for the development and supply for the needs of the internal affairs of special equipment worth 6.4 million rubles, according to the report. "During the investigation of the facts of the engagement Goosby MIA RF cooperated conducting research, which revealed a discrepancy between the terms of delivered product specification municipal contract "- contributed to Goosby Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the Head of management, certain violations caused harm to MIA RF and were the result of abuse of official capacity on the part of officials PKU NPO "STIS" MIA RF at the stage of maintenance of state contract, reports "Interfax".

Materials submitted to the investigating authorities for further action. Also targeted in the prescribed manner for the release of documents PKU head of NGO "STIS" Interior Ministry colonel of internal service A. Kvitko from office with following his dismissal from the bodies of internal affairs, said in a statement.

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