In the House of dying angel appeared


"I see an angel!"
In the intensive care unit, where a dying girl was operated on, the camcorder captures the glowing ethereal creature.

When the situation became critical, native decided to rely on the will of God, and turn off their emaciated daughter of diseases ventilator — will survive or not, no one knew. Piously believed in salvation only her mom. She saw with my own eyes the bunk next to her daughter glowing ethereal creature:

— It's an angel!

Video camera surveillance on a rainy day recorded at the threshold of intense glow resuscitation, which was dying girl

The girl who was dying in a hospital bed, recovered. Recovery of 14-year-old Chelsea Banton was a sensation — doctors still can not understand the reason for the miraculous salvation and again and again considering the photo, which shows that at the door of intensive care at the decisive moment was on duty disembodied guardian angel. The video camera's Hospital aimed at the entrance to the chamber, captured an unknown winged object, glowing with an unearthly light.

— As we stood over my dying girl and prayed, one nurse suddenly pushed me on the shoulder and pointed at the monitor — says Colleen Banton, mother sick. — And there is a bright spot shone winged object. I realized that it was — an angel. And my daughter, or will be saved, and will go to heaven. I myself took off the mask through which the child was breathing for six months, and she was born a second time.

The fact that Chelsea Banton town of Mint Hill, North Carolina, USA, recovered, called a miracle. The girl from the first moments of his life shows miracles of survival — as if she was constantly watch over the celestial powers.


Chelsea was born five weeks prematurely, doctors said she needed 36 hours to live. But wrong. Baby survived, but had spent four months in the intensive restoration babies, and then discharged home.

But even before Chelsea was two, her back to the hospital with pneumonia. Even then began to show the first signs of the disease, which is then chained the girl to bed. In the medical map Chelsea Banton Set a whole bunch of diseases: water on the brain, or hydrocephalus, due to which had to be inserted into the skull girls shunt, and then spend a few adjustments, deadly viruses, and then, in July of this year she had a retention that is fluid retention. Then the body of Chelsea pumped three liters of water.

In these difficult days of prayer saved only native girls.

Mom Colin itself Chelsea Banton and her older sister believe their luck saved a wonderful angel

— We prayed every day, my oldest daughter, I and Chelsea — says Colin Banton — we prayed only one thing about the miracle.

And the miracle happened. In this strongly believes girl's mother. It happened on Nov. 5 — seven weeks after Chelsea once again taken to the hospital. Slight cold was almost fatal for a weakened body of the child.

— As soon as we brought Chelsea to the clinic, it was immediately hooked up to a ventilator, — says his mother.

Hour by hour the patient's condition deteriorated. Every day we find new Chelsea diseases — pneumonia in the left lung, then to the right, then began infecting blood clots in the blood appeared, staphylococcus, E. coli. Chelsea could not eat anything.

Two months later, hospital doctors were invited to a family council to discuss a "plan of action". No investment for the girl did not come, and to be constantly connected to the machine, it also could not. Crunch time — it was necessary to try to remove the breathing mask. Doctors have tried several times to do it, hoping that the body Chelsea will begin to breathe and fight for life, but she immediately began to choke, and, unable to look at her agony, doctors again put on her mask. And then entrusted this matter native girls. The Family Council was held on October 31.

— The family decided that, having removed the mask, we will not put it on Chelsea — says Colin. — Come what may. She already suffered enough. I felt that God wanted me to accept the decision. My daughter was with me for 14 years, and now it's time to let her be free to pass it to the will of God. If she died, it would fall into the heavens, and certainly no longer felt a pain …

— We waited until gather all our family members to see Chelsea, perhaps for the last time, — says Colin. — On the afternoon of November 5, we all prayed at her bedside, a nurse showed me all of a sudden the monitor. The camera showed that the threshold chamber hung a creature. It emits a strong light. I could not take my eyes and exclaimed, "My God, it's like an angel!"

Colin sent my digital camera at the monitor to take what you have seen her eyes, but the first shot was unsuccessful. She tried a second time, and the object is reflected in the picture.

— I calmed down and realized that all will be well — until now Colin, remembering that moment, crying. — And we took off the mask. The next day, the medical records of Chelsea were good as ever! It was pink, the doctors were all amazed, not knowing what was happening. Nurse, which could see the first angel on the monitor, said that in the 15 years of her work, she has not seen anything like this.

November 14 Chelsea transferred from intensive care to a regular room, and three days later was sent home! The mother believes that her daughter has brought salvation angel, and no one will be able to dissuade her in this.

— Then there was a rainy day — explains Colin. — There was no sun at all, and the light appeared at the Chamber itself. If anyone doubts the authenticity of the photos, okay. But I know what I saw. And no fiddling with the picture I did not hold. I believe that it is — an angel.

— All the people who came into contact with this mystery, have changed — says Colin. — And I'm including. I was in a different way to look at things, because I know God sees our every move.

At Christmas, Chelsea is 15 years old. And it is — a miracle that the girl with the medical past is alive, well, and like a normal child goes to school!

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