In the north-east coast of Australia Tropical Cyclone Anthony hit

Tropical cyclone "Anthony" hit the northeast coast of Australia. Caused by the natural phenomenon of El Niño, it carries a heavy rain.
According to meteorologist Michael Knepp, the brunt of the elements will be in western Queensland, where it is still marked by three major floods of the rivers. The water level is reached in 12.5 meters.
Meanwhile cyclone "Anthony", which is assigned to the first category of danger, is moving to the south-west of the continent. The speed of wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour, according to ITAR-TASS.
Earlier soobschaelos that to Australia, which has not yet had time to recover from the most severe flooding in history, just two approaching tropical cyclone — "Zelia" and "Vania".
Floods in Australia have been going on for several weeks. Most of them suffered Queensland: flooded three-quarters of its territory, 30 people were killed and at least ten missing.

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