In the North Muya tunnel using intelligent control systems

Scientists SGUPS introduced a similar development in the North Muya tunnel (East-Siberian road) having length of 15.3 km. As the head of the department of the university professor Valery Khabarov, this object is a complex of structures, drainage and drainage devices, both vertical and horizontal workings, as well as a variety of equipment to ensure its safe operation.

The uniqueness of the tunnel is a combination of climatic, tectonic and geological conditions. It is located in a zone of high seismic activity to 8-10 points, laid in rocks of all kinds, in the permafrost and tectonic faults.
The formation of the microclimate in it contribute to the relief conditions, provide access cold arctic air masses from the north. All this creates a complex operating conditions of the plant. Employees SGUPS developed for him a series of organizational and software and hardware tools that are aimed at ensuring the effective operation of the tunnel.

Holds a number of systems specified values of climatic parameters with the help of special equipment (fans, heaters, portal gates, valves, sprinkler systems, power supply, etc.). For example, the system automatically determines the microclimate concentration of harmful gases in the tunnel. Provided for heating air and water in the trays to avoid icing devices, and control of drainage and drainage devices.

For geotechnical monitoring use 24 wells with instruments for measuring hydrostatic pressure. The control system of signaling device allows real-time monitoring of the position of the train in the tunnel, the testimony of traffic lights, gantry gate.

The most important parameters of the object (microclimate, seismic, energy, fire safety) are registered by sensors, whose readings are stored in the database and provide information for decision-making control personnel. There is also automatic control mode.

On the monitors control position presents a plan of the tunnel, its geology, defects, technical equipment, video surveillance data and other information in the dynamics.
According to Valery Habarova, implementation of management systems allows for efficient and effective management of technological processes of the current content of the tunnel, to get an objective assessment of the technical condition of his designs.
Because of this professionals can conduct timely and optimal choice of health and repair activities. This increases the reliability and durability of the structure and the safety of trains on it at the set speed.

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