In the north-western part of Elista, the construction of new roads

  • In the north-western part of Elista, the construction of new roads
  • In the north-western part of Elista, the construction of new roads

Chess-suffering residents of streets, Relief and Surveyors finally can breathe a sigh of relief. For more than 10 years, they have suffered from off-road. City authorities have undertaken to solve their problem. Now in the north-western outskirts of the capital began work on the improvement of the roadway.

Seeing in your street road builders, Pauline Muchkaeva unspeakably happy. With her young son Vadim in a mudslide had to overcome to the bus stop long distance. It was especially difficult in winter and autumn.

According to its neighbor, Alexander Zaitsev, over the years, residents have been asked to the administration of the city, went to parties and rang, but all in vain. To get out of this situation, they have collected the money on something to cover at least a gravel road. Recalls how difficult it was to drive the ambulance to the house.

Oh, and as for the students, they are in many years, learned how to exercise off-road endurance and resourcefulness. Eighth-Badmaeva Altan says that if a timely manner will repair the road, she will not have to worry about pre-purchase rubber boots.

In bad weather, many car owners, afraid to get stuck in the mud, leave cars in the courtyards of apartment buildings, getting to the house on foot. Even in the summer, they had to practice the skill of driving.

Meanwhile, as we reported in the management of Elista, until October 1, roadbed streets will be covered with gravel. And asphalt pave next year. While these goals at the city treasury can not afford.

"Funding was received from the Mayor's Office. Construction is underway on September 17, October 1 to complete, "- says the foreman MUP" Elista road management "Alexander Khulkhachiev.

By the way, on the street in the North will soon be the terminus of the route is number 5. The road is put in order in the first place. Residents complain of not only the bad road, as well as the lack of street lighting.

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