In the pictures of ghosts live?

November 26, 2012 8:34

Remember the story of Gogol's "The Portrait," in which the main character, the artist's crazy portrait of a rich old man, comes to life at night? It turns out that such stories can happen in reality. Yes, the pictures can live their own lives and influence people!

Ghost of Barbara Radziwill in a painting of the artist Wojciech Gerson 1886.

Rock Cumaean Sibyl

Nesvizh Castle in Belarus is known as the residence of Prince Radziwill, who owned it from the XVI century. until the beginning of World War II.

Barbara Radziwill

At the end of the XVIII century. settled here orphan niece Radziwill — the future Countess Agnes Lanskoronskaya. Baby was struck rich decoration of apartments, but especially she liked to look at the painting by Titian "Kum Sibyl", depicts an amazing beautiful woman with hair the color of pomegranate, with burning dark eyes and a smile draft. Once the girl imagined that the beauty of the painting she wants to say something. But alone … At night it with a candle in his hand close to the tracks. But when you look at something stranger Agnes fancied she cried out in fear and lost consciousness. Maid came running, but the girl so anyone not told, that led her to faint.

Subsequently little Countess flatly refused to cross the threshold of the front of the hall. She immediately began to tremble, and the tears came to his eyes. Having emerged from a governess, she ran to her room. No amount of persuasion and punishment could not get her to come back to the hall. The cause of her fears she did not tell anyone.

The years passed. The teenager turned into a charming beauty. Once assembled guests at the castle. In the midst of fun prince took her niece's hand, led her to the front door of an empty room, pushed in and locked the door. It seemed to him that the way he saves a girl from obsessive fears. She begged his uncle to release her, but in vain. But that's behind the door came the voice of Agnes, "Do not you see that from the picture Sibyl prophesied the death of me?" The princess told her husband immediately open the door. Radziwill ran into the hall. But it was too late. There was a terrible roar. The picture fell off the wall and the skull was cracked Lanskoronskoy Countess …

Legend has it that before the death of Titian confessed that one of his paintings depicted the "unseen killer." Until now, researchers have his work arguing that the artist had in mind. Maybe Kum Sibyl is the mysterious killer? And Titian created a picture bearing the death?

Frescoes of the "House in seven devils"

In Prague, there is a mysterious building, which is called the "House in seven devils." In the 20-ies. XIX century, this two-story house on the square acquired Maltezskoy successful lawyer Vaclav Nemtsov. Previous owners were Strakova — impoverished representatives old noble family. The mansion belonged to them for two centuries. Price for the house was amazing low. This was explained by a condition that Pan Straka put the buyers: the new owners strictly forbidden anything to lean against the wall or hang anything on them … They could not drive a single nail.

In 1859, Pan Vaclav died, and the mansion was inherited by his daughter Panne Aloisi. She decided to rent rooms for rent. But the tenants insist on the same strange condition: the walls could not move up the furniture, it was impossible for them to hang rugs and paintings …

Naturally, the tenants in the house did not stay long. And then suddenly began to notice: no sooner someone to live here at least a couple months, as the man covered his irrepressible passion for drawing … As it turned out, and the late attorney and panna Alois once dabbled in Marana watercolors. And it started just after they moved into the mysterious mansion …

Said that once lived in the house a professional artist. And what do you think? He was literally tortured other guests, who wore him his work, asking for advice …

In the end, all the painter got fed up and he moved out of the apartment, finally painted on each of the six pillars of the building on the line, and the coat of arms above the door leaving the inscription: "The House at seven devils." They say that under the seventh hell he meant herself mistress, which he regarded as insane.

Soon all the tenants moved out of panna Aloisi, and new was found. Sell the house the old woman could not, and before his death he bequeathed to the hospital of the Order of the Grey sisters. However, she has not withdrawn its strange conditions about the walls.

Although the nuns do not violate the conditions of time in the hospital had to start repair. And it turned out that the walls in the house are double, and they buried the lovely frescoes! The author of a famous Swiss painter Jan Rudolf Bice, who lived at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries. As the legend goes, once Bice hiding in the house, which was then owned by Jan Peter Straka, from the Inquisition, which is often used to persecute artists for free-thinking … Apparently, he left his creations his host, and he could not find anything better than to hide them in the wall … This obviously was the reason for banning them move up anything … But the impact of frescoes on the inhabitants of the house is still a mystery …

Secret inhabitants Sanssouci

In 1850, the German painter Adolf von Menzel worked on the series of historical paintings, recreating the daily life of the Prussian court XVIII century. He decided to portray King Frederick the Great played the flute in the palace of Sanssouci.

When the painting was exhibited to the public, some of the audience suddenly noticed that in the depth of the picture are seen almost misty face and figure — grinning bearded old man, gnarled dwarf in an acute-angled cap, a fat man in a round hat … Slavic Menzel himself was confused: it He does not seem to be drawing these creatures! However, they ended up on the canvas.

It was found that during the reign of Frederick the Great at the concerts, which were held in San Souci, students sometimes feel uneasy. There were rumors about the spirits that live in the palace. Perhaps they also sealed an artist without knowing it?

Author: Yuri Suprunenko Margarita Trinity

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