In the rescue forces in Kamchatka have a unique in-kind ship

On the Kamchatka Peninsula in the rescue forces search and rescue support of forces in the north-east Russia now intrudes boat radiation and chemical reconnaissance "FC-1824".

In Kamchatka group of forces for the first time this is done. This decision took command of the Pacific Fleet based on a comprehensive assessment of current challenges facing the duty forces search and rescue support in Kamchatka and the special requirements of the Navy command in readiness rescue teams associations and connections to help nuclear submarine at sea.

The crew of this relatively small garrison of the ship during the exercise consistently shows a high willingness to perform the tasks assigned to eliminate the effects of possible radiation accidents. These workouts are held regularly under the direction of Commander Pacific submarine forces flota.Unikalnye opportunities boats to conduct marine radiation and chemical detection, radiation-ecological monitoring of the environment, the implementation of measures to ensure radiation safety of personnel emergency facilities are highly appreciated by the command of the Kamchatka Group of Forces.


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