In the Skolkovo innovation build underground substations

Construction of power supply circuit IC "Skolkovo" is carried out with the use of the most modern and innovative equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. For the first time in Russia will be performed reconstruction of the 500 kV line from the air in a cable version, and the first in the country to be built two underground 220 kV substation "Skolkovo" and "Smirnovo". Today it is the most ambitious project in Russia for the construction of a complex of underground power facilities. Federal Grid Company's investment in the construction of the complex of power supply IC "Skolkovo" will be more than 16 billion rubles.

February 10 MES Center began arrangement of the concrete base plate underground substation Smirnovo. At the base of the substation will serve about 3,650 cubic meters of concrete. The total weight of the octagonal concrete slab will be more than 9,000 tons. The floor level of the lower floors of cable Smirnovo substation will be located at a depth of about 19 meters.


Construction of the substation "Smirnovo" is scheduled for completion in December 2012, the substation "Skolkovo" will work in September 2012. 

In the central hall — a round room thirty meters in diameter — will house two gas-insulated transformer 220/20 kV capacity of 63 MVA, designed for use in underground power facilities, as well as complete switchgear gas-insulated 220 kV. In technical rooms arranged around a central hall, equipment will be installed, relay protection and automation, communication systems, automated process control system.

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