In the Smolensk region launched the first modular dairy plant

Modular dairy factory, assembled in just two months, was put into operation in the village of Koschino Smolensk Smolensk region.

The new modular dairy plant is capable of automated processing of up to four million liters of raw milk per day. Serving the technology cycle of just three people per shift. In order to provide the plant with raw materials the company has a dairy herd numbering 249 goals. During the year it is planned to increase the number of 700 cows.

Almost a year ago, an agreement was signed on cooperation between "Agrarian Smolensk company" and CBM "Koschino". On the basis of previously unprofitable farms created a modern agricultural enterprise.

The elimination of all wage arrears, loans repaid. An investment of more than 180 million rubles started to give first results. Purchased the modern agricultural equipment, purchased a herd of elite cows, refurbished barns.

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