In the Smolensk region opened MFC and Space Center Services

In the city of Smolensk region Gagarin opened the third multi-purpose center in the region of public and municipal services, and the second center services space.


Center for Space Services is a collaborative effort of Roscosmos, the Administration of the Smolensk region and JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" REKOD "(the parent organization and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Space Agency on the use of space activities).
The center will help more effectively and efficiently use company vehicles, individuals will give a full report regarding the boundaries of land, etc.

Smolensk region — the only region in Russia, where there are two centers of space services.

In the Smolensk region has long-term regional target program "Improving the quality of public services based on multi-functional centers of public and municipal services" and "Reducing administrative barriers, streamlining and improving the quality of public and municipal services, including on the basis of multi-functional centers of public and municipal services".


The result of their implementation is the creation of a network MFC, including the head center, which will be located in Smolensk and branches in Roslavl (which is successfully operating for 2.5 years), Vyaz'ma, ore, Safonovo, Dorogobuzh Elnya.


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