In the Smolensk region revive sturgeon population


In the Smolensk region revives the population of sturgeon. In the Dnieper released another batch. Now sturgeon listed as endangered, and once she lived in great numbers in the waters of the Smolensk region. Special program to restore fish stocks in the rivers and lakes of the region intended for seven years. The current launch of the royal fish — fifth anniversary.

Victor Voronov, deputy head of the Moscow-Oka Territorial Administration Fishery Agency, "was preceded by a scientific paper. Our central research institute VNIRO spent fishing and biological rationale for stocking starlet. With a view to it then do not artificially, but naturally reproduced. "

The recovery of sturgeon is on the compensation funds. That is, if the company is harmful to the environment, destroys spawning grounds, it is obliged to pay for the restoration and fish.

Usually stocking Dnieper produces a special sleeve. But the weather was not even allowed to drive the car close to the pond. Therefore, the fish are transferred to the special nets, not to injure.

Each year, the Dnieper produce from two to ten thousand fry. The weight of each fish — about one hundred grams. In a few years, and the sturgeon will grow up to two pounds. The main thing — to give her time.

David Zhvitiashvili, Head of Fisheries at the Smolensk region, "Request to anglers: even if you fall for the bait (it is easily caught on maggots, a worm), to let her go. Let it grow, start to multiply. When will be the commercial stock, then it will be able to catch. "

After the release of the fry for a while in a state of stress, and swim only near the shore. But soon they will go will open up the Dnieper. The peculiarity of the royal fish that migrate its negligible — no sturgeon swims away from the permanent home. However, first released fish can now be found in the area Dorogobuzh.

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