In the Stavropol region increases production chemical manufacturing

The Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communications Stavropol summed up the work of the industrial complex of the region in January-July 2013. 

According to the press service of the Ministry of Industry, the economic situation in the region is characterized by positive dynamics in the last three years, there is a tendency to improve the basic economic indicators. The index of industrial production for January-July 2013 was 105.5%. Including by economic activity: mining — 97.9%, manufacturing — 111.8%, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water — 81.5%.

The volume shipped industrial production as a whole in the Stavropol region in January-July was 133.6 billion rubles, or 111.1% of the corresponding period last year, and in the manufacturing sector — respectively 95.8 billion rubles and 117.6%.

Of the 11 kinds of manufacturing activities, supervised by the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communications of the Stavropol Territory, nine production exceeded the level of the corresponding period of 2012.

Dominant position in the manufacturing sector in January-July 2013 compared to last year occupied chemical production, the growth rate of which was 159.7%, and the manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products with a growth rate of 126.3%. More volumes are growing products in the organizations that produce other non-metallic mineral products and electrical products.

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