In the subway without pants: people accustomed to the shamelessness of fun behind the screen

"Fun" in the subway

January 9, 2012.On Sunday, hundreds of people took part in the action entitled "In the subway without pants", organized by a group of activists called Improv Everywhere.

According to organizers, January 8 in the 60 cities of the world anyone could come at the appointed time in the subway, take off the bottom of the garment and thus ride on public transport.

The list of participants — many European capitals and American cities. The site organizers named two requirements for participants: "1) Have a desire to remove his pants in the subway. 2) Be able to act as if nothing had happened. "

According to the BBC, the London stock on Sunday was attended by about 150 people.

Organized "fun"

The largest event of its kind to be held in New York, where the group has been established and where Improv Everywhere in 2002 was the first event "In the subway without pants."

Since then, a trip on the subway without pants and skirts are organized every year in early January, U.S. media reported that in 2011 in New York City on the subway without pants came 3,5 thousand people.

Organizers of the event are not intended for any specific purposes, and claim that their main task — to have fun.

"The whole essence of Improv Everywhere is to have fun — said on their website. — We are fully committed to the idea of organized fun. Our task — to create a fun way of entertainment for the participants, for those who see us "live" as well as to those who read about us on this site, "- says the New York" jokers. "

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