In the Tver region create new wood production

In early May of this year, the region between the Government and the Company Ltd. "Modern technologies of wood processing" ("Stod") signed an agreement to establish a high-tech company focused on manufacturing particle boards OSB.

The project is implemented on the existing plant "Talion Terra" timber holding "Stod" (group "Talion").

Additional investments in the development of the plant is 13 billion rubles. Would create about four hundred new jobs, more than two thousand people will be employed in logging.

The plant "Talion Terra" opened in Torzhok in the Tver region in 2009. It is the largest plant for the production of LVL (LVL — laminated veneer lumber) in Europe, with a capacity — 150 thousand m3 per year.

Process residues are going to release pellets (pellets) premium. Pellet production capacity — 60 thousand tons per year.

Currently, 90% of products are exported to foreign countries. Therefore, it is important to note the power of the region, which is interested in the construction of social housing from environmentally friendly materials.

Photo tour of the plant

The production is by-the-art technology — the technology of continuous extrusion with a microwave preheating leading to a better penetration of the resin in the wood structure and the formation of a new, uniform, high-strength material.

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