In the Tver region open to traffic on three new bridges

Management of the highway Moscow-St.Petersburg opened for traffic in transit to three new bridges. The first bridge is located across the river turns in Oleninskoye area, the second through the river Meza in Nelidovskiy area, and the third — is 391km overpass on highway M-9 "Baltic" is already Zapadnodvinsky area.

Work on the repairs were done ahead of schedule by more than two months. As the road builders, the quality of the repair is not affected! When work had been entirely replaced by beams of the superstructure with a widening of the carriageway, reinforced suspension towers and foundations, arranged a new bridge fabric, installed galvanized railing and barrier fence, gabion structures, designed for modern loads.
At the moment, work has begun on repairs of 2 more bridges across the river Western Dvina River 368km and 391km rushing on the road M-9 "Baltic". Closing of the contract — in October 2013.

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