In the Tver region opened potato-growing complex

Automated production and logistics center for the storage, cleaning, packing potatoes value of 1 billion 200 million rubles. was opened on September 14 in Likhoslavl'skiy region Tver region.

The project is implemented by "The Art of agriculture" in cooperation with Russian Agricultural Bank. The operator of the project — "Tver Agricultural industry."

Agrocomplex volume of 40 thousand tons of storage and a line of potatoes for its processing capacity of 200 tons / day is built in three years. By the time the full capacity — in 2014 — the volume of potatoes should be about 80 thousand tons / year. Raw material base relies both on its own production — 500 hectares in the Tver region and 450 hectares in the Orel region, and in the supply of potatoes in the mezhfermerskoy cooperation.

In order to provide quality seeds to the base of the complex will be created merisistemnaya laboratory for micropropagation of different varieties of seed potatoes, which will provide the company and the farmers Tver Oblast quality seeds.

Tver also feature project that multifunctional production and logistics center is able to provide, along with potato processing quality of all products, "borsch group", ie onions, beets, carrots and cabbage.

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