In the Tyumen region observed anomalous celestial phenomenon


In the Tyumen region — from Abatskii area to the regional center — was recorded unusual. At night, the sky appeared a bright flash. It lasted about three seconds. What was it — an anomalous natural phenomenon, an unidentified flying object, or a prank — people and scientists are at a loss.

With an anomaly resident of Eugene Chekhov encountered by chance. Just once again stayed too long at work and decided to clean the server that stores all the information from the cameras. And once came across a picture — a bright flash in the sky for three seconds. She captured the station Tovoturinskaya, 30 km from the regional center, over the weekend.

In Eugene has its own version of what happened: "Maybe a nuclear power plant explosion. At first we thought it was a side Beloyarsk, but thanks to the navigator view, it is a very different place. There is information that in the Omsk region has such nuclear power plants. "

By the way, the firm serves Eugene camera and in the neighboring region of Omsk. But the picture from there says that in Omsk, a similar phenomenon was not in sight. But fixed it in Abatskii district of the Tyumen region, and in the villages Vagayskogo district, according to witnesses, there was even seismic activity.

According to an employee of the scientific association "Tyumen-Kosmopoisk" Vitaly Ugreninova, this phenomenon could well be. Such surprises he studied for more than six years. According to him, the nature of the night flash is in the celestial bodies: "We tend to meteoric version. Judging by the seismic activity in the villages Vagayskogo area, most of all, it was a meteorite."

Video cameras recorded a similar phenomenon in Tyumen. It turns out that in the Tyumen region, it was observed from Abatskii district to the regional center. And this is almost 400 km.

"The logical explanation for this is not, — says the witness outbreaks in Tyumen Paul Zobnin. — The phenomenon that we have seen, the light, the sound was not observed. Flash was very bright, which is very quickly damped."

The explanation of all this, you may be after a more detailed study.


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