In the UK, released data about the seen UFOs


February 6, AVIA.RU — UK MoD announced details about the seen UFOs in the country — said with reference to the publication of The Daily Telegraph.

According to official data, in 2008 the British have seen 285 cases of UFO sightings, which is two times more than in 2007, when there were 135 cases observed similar phenomena.

Office deals with those cases which, according to experts, could threaten national security — says the publication.

In documents declassified by the Defense Ministry, fixed time and place of the appearance of a UFO, and a detailed description of the object. For example, one of the witnesses said that the February 12, 2008 near the Palace of Westminster seen in the sky "spaceship" which radiated green, red and white light. The object was stationary for a half hour.

One of Britain's leading UFO Nick Pope (Nick Pope) said he believes the number seen in 2008 UFO phenomenal. "There were some very interesting cases. For example, in the summer the British have seen once the six events in one day. Moreover, with the unidentified objects seen people from different parts of the country. According to witnesses, these UFOs were of different shape and form," — said the Pope.

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