In the United States began a crackdown on opponents of same-sex marriage

Not so long ago, florist from Washington state has refused to provide flowers for a wedding same-sex couple because of their religious beliefs. The owner of a flower shop Stuzmen politely explained to young people that marriage — a union between a man and a woman. As a Christian, she loves and pities them as people, but can not accept a sin.


Once the owner of the store refused to execute the wedding ceremony of two gay men, one of the future spouses described the situation on his page on the social network. Post an infringement of the rights of sexual minorities has sold all over the internet, and then to the mistress of a flower shop began to receive numerous "hate letters" with accusations, insults and threats of retribution. She was threatened with beatings of children, causing personal injury. Supporters of same-sex marriages began calling sidestep Store religious women, calling it a partisan and irresponsible.

In addition to provide emotional and psychological pressure, Susan is charged with violating the law. Same-sex marriage was legalized in the state of Washington in November last year. Therefore such discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation is prohibited in the state of Washington.

Lawyer flower shop owner said that the accusation is absurd, as his client (Stuzmen) employ gay people with kindness and sympathetic to each of its employee, no one is hurting and does not stand out, but it has every right to go against their conscience and not to promote gay marriages in the United States.

The woman says: "We take on the job of gays. I have gay friends, and it was never a problem for me. I just do not want to promote gay marriage. To be tolerant to the spread of homosexuality means tolerance to evil, wickedness and sin. "

By the way, this is not the first such case. In February this year, was sued baker who refused to bake a wedding cake a couple of lesbians.

Today the world is faced with problems not only to legalize same-sex marriage, but also about the lawsuits against gays rehabilitation centers, as well as the adoption of children by homosexuals. There is no doubt that gay couples of all political stripes are sincere in their desire to take "revenge" for the long-term oppression of their rights.

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