In the United States recorded a record number of poor


The annual income of the average American family has fallen more than 2% compared to last year, says the U.S. Census Bureau.
This is a very high figure, given that the national income of the United States by 70% is formed by consumer spending.
By American standards, the poor is a person whose annual income does not exceed 11,139 dollars. At the same time, the family of four people living in poverty, if the total annual income of all its members not exceeding 22,314 dollars.
The number of Americans living below the poverty line, the last four years continuously growing, the researchers note.
46 million poor people?
According to statistics, last year to the number of the poor are 46.2 million Americans, it is one-sixth of the population.
This is the highest figure recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics since 1959, that is, from the moment when it became the first government agency to collect such data.
According to statistics, in the most distressed are African-Americans and Hispanics. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 25.8% of African Americans and 25.3% of Hispanics are considered poor.
The latest Bureau of Statistics figures also show that the average American's annual income fell by 2.3% in 2010 and amounted to just over 49 thousand dollars.
The number of Americans living without health insurance, is still around 50 million people.
Obama's plan
At the same time the unemployment rate is more than 9%, which is unprecedented for the U.S. high figure.
Last week, President Barack Obama has pledged $ 450 billion to create new jobs. According to Obama's plan, the money should go mainly to large construction projects and to assist schools.
The plan also includes tax cuts for small businesses, so that small businesses have more opportunities for expansion and hiring new people.
President Obama's plan needs the support of Congress, but the Republicans, who have a majority of seats in parliament, have already expressed their displeasure with the new costs.

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