In the United States set off a valuable parcel

From Russia to the United States went a valuable parcel. It weighs 20 tons, the price tag is $ 60 million. We are talking about the four engines of national development, which are designed for installation on U.S. launch vehicles. Michael Vishnjakov rated load. Report NTV.

Tonight movement in the metropolitan Leningrad highway towards the airport Sheremetyevo was difficult. It's not an accident. Car inspectors cleared the way for the following spetskortezha with oversized cargo.

On the highway driving trucks with huge containers, each weighing 10 tons. Inside was the pride of Russian rocket scientists — RD-180, which are intended to be sent to the United States. At the Airport valuable cargo plane was waiting giant "Ruslan".

Creator of the power plant, NPO "Energomash" cooperates with the Americans for a long time, and the sensation of what happened does not. However, the current supply is a milestone in the history of rocketry.

Dmitry Pakhomov, general director of the Scientific and Production Association "Energomash": "Available 50th anniversary engines intended for export to the United States from our company. And this year marks the 10th anniversary of the first launch rocket "Atlas" with the Russian RD-180 engine. "

The company "Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin) has long sought a suitable power unit. As a result, the Russians won a tender that developed in the shortest possible time — just three years — the engine that is unparalleled.

Dmitry Pakhomov, general director of the Scientific and Production Association "Energomash": "The uniqueness of this engine is that it is in the class has the best performance in terms of reliability today meets the criteria that are actually equal to one, otherwise the Americans would not buy it . Our products have no alternative to their market. " In total, "Energomash" must deliver to the United States 101 engine. Exports in the ocean — one of the priority programs of the plant, and production volumes are increasing each year.

U.S. customers cooperation with Khimki now extremely happy and even offer new projects. In particular, the RD-180 considered as one of the options for the US-Japanese missile "GM-X» (GX), which is to go into space not later than 2012.

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