In the village of Maya opened a social business incubator

March 28 in the village of Maya Megino-ulus Kangalassky the grand opening of the first republic of social business incubator. According to the organizers, the project aims to support entrepreneurship among people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and other groups. This is due to the fact that these categories of people are experiencing the greatest difficulty in finding suitable employment, especially in rural areas, and in need of maintenance and assistance in matters of employment.


Social business incubator will be the starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here for residents will be given a full range of services:

— providing furnished office space (office equipment, furniture, telephone, Internet);

— processing equipment;

— consulting services in the field of management, marketing, accounting;

— services in additional training, increased. Qualification in Entrepreneurship and more.

The first residents of social business incubator are 8 people with disabilities in the following areas: photographic services, massage, souvenir business, crafts, tire service, funeral services.

Resident business incubator Margarita Zakharov, "For the third year doing braided horsehair, the same shape as an individual entrepreneur. In 1992 he became disabled and was at home. On the establishment of the social business incubator found in the Office of Social Protection and immediately became interested. Need assistance in obtaining documents, legal services. There is also willing to find like-minded people to work better together after. "

Resident business incubator Galina Nikita: "The whole is a teacher. Year'm out of a job, take care of parents with disabilities. Engaged souvenirs, I think to become self-employed. I believe that the creation of a business incubator will be a good support for start-ups. For me the important thing is that there is help in the preparation of documents, preparation of reports. And in the future dream is to open his stall. I think that this dream is achievable, because the demand for national souvenirs is growing. "

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