In the village of Ust-Kool Komi Republic was opened after renovation Culture House

In p. Ust-opened after renovation Kool district House of Culture. The building was built thirty years ago, overhaul it was never carried out.

In 2004, at the expense of the local budget has been refurbished roof, lobby both floors of the second floor rooms and the library. For further work required considerable investments, and the district applied for the allocation of funds from the national budget.

In 2011, the overhaul of the building included in the republican target program "Development of infrastructure industries" Culture "in the Komi Republic (2011-2013)." This allowed the audience to update and replace lighting equipment and process equipment scene. 

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Outside, the building is clad in aluminum tiles on the facade replaced with stained glass windows and doors.

The repair facility of the national budget was allocated 16 million rubles, co-financing district — 1 million 780 thousand rubles. In addition, the district budget 500,000 rubles was provided for production of construction documents and 916,000 — the purchase of new theater seats. At their own expense District House of Culture was acquired clothing scene.

The opening day of the House of Culture visitors and residents waiting for a concert featuring the best teams from the area of Honored Artist of Russia and the People's Artist of Komi Alfiya Korotaeva, folk artists Komi Faith Bulyshevoy Loginova and Lydia, and Natalie Trailinoy.

According to the head of the district administration of Dmitry Shatokhina, opening of the renovated House of Culture — a significant event for the municipality, as the district has paid much attention to the development and preservation of the Komi culture. He also noted that it is on this site passes one of the biggest national holidays — "Vasil".

"Of course the repair was rather complex. Once again, we think kindly of 94 federal law that defines us today contractors. Dates have been tightened to the maximum, and the contractor will be required to pay the appropriate penalty, which will also focus on the cultural industry" — he stressed.

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