In the villages of Khakassia open modern midwife items

Dec. 15 in the village of Kopyevo opened a new medical and obstetric point (FAP). In a medical facility that meets modern standards, provided patients receiving office, vaccination and treatment rooms, as well as the dispensing point.

Dec. 21 in the village (aale) Ah Hole Ust-Abakan District opened a modern medical and obstetric point (FAP). Ax Hall — one of the most remote areas of Ust-Abakan District. Medical care will be provided here is not only to residents of Ax Hall, but the population of the neighboring village and Maisky.

March 1 in the village Saragash Bogradsky district opened obstetric points. The village is home to about 1,000 people. With the opening of the FAP villagers have a new modern medical facility providing primary health care.

October 6, 2011 opened medical and health post in the village of Lower Kurlugash Tashtypsky district. This is the fourth in the FAP, three were put in place in 2010

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