In the villages of the Kaliningrad region open midwife items

Two obstetric stations were put into operation this year in Pravdinsky area.

The new medical facility will serve nearly 600 people. Earlier FAP village located in the building pre-war building that requires a major overhaul. More than 2 million rubles spent on the installation of the modular FAP, more than 400,000 — is aimed at hospital equipment. State FAP equipped. There have already begun working paramedic, nurse and nurse.

Overall, the regional program development network FAP, outpatient clinics and offices of general practitioners, calculated for 2012-2014, the last year and has 12 FAP. The same number of FAPs to be installed in 2013, for this purpose, the budget provides nearly 31.4 million.  For 2013 it is planned to purchase cars for FAP Bagrationovskom, Gus, Guards, Zelenograd, Nesterov, Slavskogo, Chernyakhovskogo and Baltic regions.

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