In the villages of the Kursk region began construction of new kindergartens

April 9 in the village of Kalynivka Khomutovskaya area the event occurred, which was eagerly waiting for all residents — the construction of a new kindergarten.

The new nursery has a capacity of 30 children, will be open as early as September 30 of this year. Build a kindergarten will be the company "Impekstreyd-Agro", headed by CEO Yuri Bashkatova. He promised the audience, if the village will increase the birth rate, the builders will be able to increase the number of seats in the new kindergarten to 40 or even 50.

Equally pleasant event took place in the village of Glushkovo, where a ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of a kindergarten for 140 places.

Total 2015 the region plans to build 17 pre-school educational institutions, to reconstruct the non-functioning of kindergartens and return the children to the building used for other purposes. For the implementation of the regional program will take almost 2.4 billion rubles.











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