In Togliatti ghost appeared on behalf of the Bear


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In Togliatti museum appeared a ghost that has been seen here a month ago (video). Museum staff came up with the name of the ghost — Teddy Bear. This choice was not accidental, because they believe that the soul wanders the corridors of the building bear, stuffed animal which was brought here in September.

Ghost named Bear — is not the only anomaly in the museum. Its workers claim that is chock-full of ghosts.

Senior researcher at the museum Lydia Lyuboslavova reports that five years ago, the museum has seen a woman in white. As she walked down the hall and went down to the basement where the vault is located, the brave souls decided to see — who is wandering through the museum? But the store was empty.

Another ghost quite a while terrified the exhibition visitors' mind, honor and conscience of our epoch. " Its exhibits — symbols of the XX century — talked about the life of the time. To great effect in the halls did dimmed lighting. And once in the classroom, one of the tourists saw in the mirror reflection of a woman in a black dress, leaning on the desk. While the young man was trying to figure out what it is, the ghost slowly disappeared into thin air.

But most, perhaps, a funny thing happened with iron bells. Not having decided where to place funny jingle gizmos that were in the course of our ancestors, the museum staff just put them away in a cupboard. And the bells were offended and started to ring. Just like that, in themselves, as if to remind about its existence.

It is believed that the poltergeist can meet only at night. But in Togliatti Museum ghosts appear at different times: a teddy bear comes in the morning, then in the evening, a woman in black spotted in broad daylight.

Tired of these mysterious events, the museum turned to the priest, however, after the room lighting anomalies continued.

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