In Tver, has earned the region’s first digital broadcast transmitter

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Noise and interference is in the past, in the present — a clear image. On March 28, Tver launched the first digital terrestrial television transmitter. The innovation has touched the regional center and the surrounding areas. Their residents can already see the 8 channels in a new way.

In the great hall Tver Broadcasting Center tense silence. Within a few seconds an event occurs, which in Tver waited a few years. With the help of remote control governor Andrei Shevelov launches the first digital broadcast transmitter Verhnevolzhe.

 Starting the digital transmitter is called a new era of mass television. It will not be pretty annoying audience noise and interference. On the screens only high-quality, clear picture. On its advantages knows firsthand Galina Vorontsov. Participant of the Great Patriotic War, the spent 15 years in the Tver Broadcasting Center, in memory of the historical event of the first hand useful gift — a set-top box required to receive digital signals. The receiver will be able to enjoy clear images owners of older television sets. In Tver stores already have quite a few modern TV models that support the "figure". See 8 channels in a new way with today can inhabitants of the regional center and the localities within a radius of 60 kilometers from Tver — Kalinin, Rameshkovsky, Torzhoksky and Likhoslavl areas. According to Andrew Sheveleva, a new broadcasting format is also social significance, and it is no less important than technological progress.

Connect the digital broadcasting tverityanam help the new center consulting support on the street Vagzhanova, 7. Each inhabitant of the region are available in the form of answers to all the questions, including the acquisition of TV sets and set-top boxes that accept a new signal. By the way, in the near future "figure" goes far beyond the regional capital. According to experts of radio television transmitting center, two years digital television will come to all areas of the Tver region, with each point will not be already available 8, as many as 20 channels.

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