In Tver is a batch of wagons for disabled passengers

Tver, 16.12.2010g.
In December, the Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") will release for JSC "Russian Railways" party of 40 passenger cars of the new generation, which are designed to meet the requirements imposed on travel arrangements for people with disabilities. This was reported by the Department of Public Relations of the holding.

Technical indicators wagon
Cars mod. 61-4445 different from the usual presence of a special compartment for travel and equipment of passengers with limited mobility. When not in use the vestibule equipped with a special hydraulic lift that allows the wheelchair user landing even with a low platform. Non-working tambour door of the vestibule and into the car made wider than the normal car, so as not to cause discomfort for the passage of wheelchairs.

The car has a special two-compartment adapted for the passage of not only the disabled, but also the accompanying person. In a coupe convertible sleeping berth, a headboard and footboard which regulates and provides maximum comfort for people with diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system.

Opposite the bedroom shelves installed a comfortable chair, and a metal handrail next to the chair allows a disabled person transfer to him out of the wheelchair. All labels and icons are duplicated in the car with the help of Braille (for the visually impaired and blind passengers). In conjunction with disabilities, in addition to which has already become a familiar television, individual information display showing the temperature in the car and the outside temperature, the current time, the name of the next station, and other information. For the visually impaired with information board issued in voice mode by pressing a button. In the compartment there is a button call the conductor.

Next to the compartment is a disabled toilet, wheelchair accessible. Equipment and dimensions of this room are fully compliant to the sanitary facilities for the disabled.

For TIZ it is not the first cars with equipment for disabled travel. Previously, the plant was producing cars model 61-4186 (previous generation), which had similar equipment.
Car builders are hoping that the increase in the number of railroad cars of model 61-4445 will allow people with disabilities to lead active lives without interference to travel by rail.

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