In Tver Railcar Institute tested the two-storey car

Modified metalwork body has successfully withstood all the loads during the experiments on a special stand. According to the testimony strain gauge devices maximum total stress in the bearing frame members and other body sites did not exceed the permissible level. However, according to the recommendations of scientists has been increased to 2,5 mm thick sheet of the roof slopes carriages.

Ride quality floor rolling stock were tested for high-speed test track All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport (JSC "VNIIZhT"), located at the site Belorechenskaya — Maikop North-Caucasian railway.
Hung sensors experimental train was moving at a speed range from 40 to 160 km per hour. All the information gets to the computer where analyzed using special software. The results obtained allowed to give a good estimate of driving performance of the new model. 

The values of the coefficients of the dynamics of the body, the stability of the wheels of a derailment, when passing from tipping curve track sections were normal.
Interestingly, the performance ride on the first floor of the car was lower than in the second. This is evidence of satisfactory operation of the elements of spring suspension, which prevent lateral rocking rolling stock. Despite the fact that the mass of a two-storey car reaches 72 tons compared with 60 tons of conventional, the load from the wheels on the rails and was within the regulations.
The audit tested the model with a passenger compartment, staff car and a dining car. This whole two-story rolling up test was found to comply with the existing rules for the calculation and design of cars.

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