In Tver, showed samples of the equipment for future combat training center NE

In Tver, hosted a preview of the intermediate stage of development of a fragment of a prototype set of technical tools for future combat training center (CDC) S, which is created by Mulinskom site in the Nizhny Novgorod region (WEST).

The complex has 895 light targets, which together simulate a reinforced company of the enemy. All the targets envisaged Course shooting — radio-controlled, made of plastic sheets that are easy to repair with building a hair dryer and a piece of plastic.

300-meter road on which the moving target, allow you to change the direction of their movement with at least two turns to the left and to the right is not less than 30 degrees. Target speed is adjustable from 0 to 20 km / h in 1 m / s.

In addition to the use of means of training a new generation — laser shooting simulators and destruction, full flight simulators, combined into a single virtual battlefield — in the works of considerable attention to the automation of routine activities pulp and paper industry, said the Office of the Press and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


According to the report of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense, modern training facilities for the pulp and paper industry, which include fitness centers, range equipment, computer classes, as well as a unique software developed by Russian industrial enterprises involved in the development work "Team-In."

"In practice, the establishment of training centers in the single information space for the first time combined the preparation of controls, training complexes of weapons and military equipment, computer classes, as well as the range equipment and laser shooting simulators and destruction," — said the chief of NE Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

The presented technology allows to create a modern automated system of the organization as a single military training and coordination of units, including training of officials of the administration, combined into a single information space.

"This will allow pulp and paper industry in ongoing and comprehensive monitoring of the work of trained soldiers from entry-level to its preparation for the final events for coordination of units and connections in general," — said the chief of NE.

In his words, "an objective assessment of each military unit and the connection will be conducted as a fixed or mobile units with leadership training."

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