In UFOs and aliens believe 6% of Russians — poll


Nizhny Novgorod. January 15. NTA-Volga region — to the existence of UFOs and aliens believe 6% of Russians, according to All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

According to a survey conducted polls in witchcraft and magic 7% of respondents believe. Among other supernatural phenomena Russians also indicate signs (the proportion of those who believe in them has decreased over the year from 23% to 18% of the respondents), retribution for the sins (it was 19%, it was 13%), in some kind of supernatural force (11%) and horoscopes (was 16% was 10%). Russians are least likely to believe in the transmigration of souls and in the "something else" (4%).

The proportion of those who are inclined to believe in God, among those surveyed in 2004 increased from 52% to 60%. The percentage of those who believe in fate, in contrast, declined — from 42% to 28% of the respondents.

Only one in five Russians (19%) do not believe in any supernatural phenomena.

The older the respondents, the more common for them to trust in God: among respondents who believe in him pensioners 71%, whereas in the youngest group — only 54%. At the same time young people more than older, tend to believe in a certain unnamed supernatural power (16% of respondents) and horoscopes (17% of respondents). At the same time, among the 18-24-year-old most of those who in any supernatural phenomenon, and does not believe — they are 22%, whereas among retirees less than one third (16%).

Moreover, almost 30% of respondents have surrounded by people interested in astrology, magic, fortune telling, palmistry, etc. Including 25% of respondents report that their little (usually 18-24 this summer — 31%), 5% of respondents — a lot. Another 64% of Russians point out that these people in their environment not — it's more likely respondents aged 60 years and older (73%).

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Russians (88% of respondents) is aware of what zodiac sign matches their birthday — this is the most typical of the respondents with secondary vocational, higher or incomplete higher education (92-93%). Only 7% report that it is not aware of this — among them almost every fourth Russian with primary or lower secondary education (24%). Another 4% of the respondents did not know what a "sign of the Zodiac."

In addition, 57% of respondents are sure that it has the features which are attributed to people born under the sign of the zodiac. Including 38% of respondents believe that they are present in part, 19% — to the fullest. Detect full or partial resemblance of his character with his star sign are most inclined women (64%). Only 16% believe that they are not inherent traits attributed to "their" sign of the zodiac, and 21% just do not know what features are considered inherent in "their" sign.

Interestingly, they believe in God most often those who are fully or partially detects the presence in the character traits of their star sign (62-64%), as well as those who regularly scans the astrological forecasts and horoscopes seriously and treats them (73 %). The same groups of respondents are more likely to notice that they believe in destiny (33-36% and 41%), in signs (22-26% and 39%), in recompense for the sins of (17% and 23%, respectively). On the contrary, those who do not know what features are inherent in their sign of the zodiac, and respondents who think horoscopes harmful and anti-scientific, the most likely to report that they do not believe in any supernatural forces and events (34 and 33%, respectively) .

The poll was conducted November 15-16, 2008. 1.6 thousand people were interviewed at 140 sampling points in 42 regions of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%.

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