In Vitebsk KGB interrogated Vladislav Voronetsky

A conversation with the investigator, the head of the Vitebsk election headquarters of Andrei Sannikov, taken from his home and forcibly taken to the police car.

Vladislav Voronetsky said that he was questioned about the events in Minsk on December 19. The guy gave a subscription to disclose the secrets of the investigation, so the details are not reported.

At the Minsk shares he was not at all — the car, which he wanted to go to Minsk, the road traffic police officers detained.

With KGB for Lately activist spoke for the second time. First they called the guy on the conversation, which took place in the Dean's Office University of Technology. By Vladislav Voronetsky, KGB officers asked him to help to recover on their studies — if he refuses to employment policy and the will to cooperate. An offer guy refused.


harassment, the KGB

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