Increase in the number of mental disorders associated with climate change

The number of mental illnesses will increase due to climate change.  Photo: aif.ruThe number of mental illnesses will increase due to climate change, writes The Sydney Morning Herald, referring to the report of the Sydney Institute of Climate (Climate Institute) "The climate of suffering: the true price of a life of inaction on climate change."

According to the authors, the loss of social cohesion in the face of extreme weather events associated with climate change may lead to an increase in anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and substance abuse. At least one in five respondents in the survey admitted that after such natural events experienced "emotional injury, stress and despair," the newspaper said.

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"While cyclones, droughts, forest fires and floods — a familiar component of life in Australia, there is no doubt that our climate is changing — the report says. — Folding conditions fully comply with the most accurate predictions of scientists: as the warming weather conditions become extreme, which has serious implications for the health and life of people. " The report states that the loss of social cohesion caused by the loss of work and work-related stability was the result of a prolonged drought in Australia and led to an increase in suicides in rural areas by 8%. The report also shows that one in ten elementary school student after Cyclone "Larry" in 2006 showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to the head of the Institute for Brain Research and the psyche (Brain and Mind Research Institute) Professor Ian Hickey, the impact of climate change on social cohesion has long been underestimated, but it plays a key role in mental health, and it is very difficult to recover. He stressed that the climate change, and especially extreme events in the future can be a major factor in mental health.

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