Indigo with us


The psychologist came to the parent meeting in kindergarten. Parents were few. But the meeting was delayed. Parents want to know what kind of creation are — their children, and how to keep them. Bewilderment adults for a psychologist is not news. "The fact that children are now other — that's for sure — sure, a child psychologist Lada Abolmasova. — Not like you and me. Do not differ by age wisdom of life. They do only what is interesting to them and that they consider important. Tamed their unrealistic. "

The term "Indigo Children" is connected with the statement, which can not be checked — 70% of children who are born the last 20 years, and 90% were born in the decade of indigo aura. Among the more distinct signs, called developed intuition, rare ability, rejection control.
Why is this? Many theories. Indigo children are preparing the arrival of the Crystal Children — Messiah, which will be embodied in a variety of people. There is a version of the alien invasion.
Psychologist Nina Zuev under the theory of building the scientific base, "first education I am a historian, an archaeologist. And I know how wrong ideas about ancient people: that they are stupid, ugly, etc. And they were all different! Not only in appearance. The man — a part of nature, and with it changing. We are different from the ancient because humanity has evolved over the centuries.
Gradually piling up materials that children are now abnormal. Very heavy, do not listen, do not like fools in the process. In the three-year master computer, a cellular understand better parents. Understand the logic of events, deeply interested in nature, comfortable with the idea of God, even if the parents are not religious. They directly interfere in adult relationships, make recommendations. Behave as equals. And it is not the result of education. It is innate. "

"SMART? Mouth shut! "
Lisa 5 years. It does not make a team, can stop adult words: stop, listen to me. The teacher was indignant: "This is an abnormal baby! I said to her: shut your mouth and listen to me, and she to me, so do not talk to people. Let me tell you how. I told her: you're a bad girl, are not collected after the toys themselves. She says: I am smart and beautiful. And that is not collected — it was necessary to negotiate. "
Older people are indignant: spoiled! That ceremony, you need to teach a lesson to teach it. Psychologists warn that these children can not be beat, you need to negotiate.
Upset Lisa goes into another room to calm down. Sit there alone, can cry. When he returned, announcing: I am ready to talk. "I've never heard that the children behaved that way," — says Nina Zuev.
Six year old Marina has a phenomenal memory for her age. The girl, being at the matinee, controls the whole scenario: Say to yourself poems of all children and a replica of leading.
Experts note a qualitative change games. When Adeline comes to visit Nastya, girls play 5:00. Divided between a dozen dolls, elaborate game scenario. Always among the characters unjustly offended, mandatory conflict of good and evil. Listen to them — Ready series. Remembering myself at that age, remember something cooler to store games, playing house or school can not. "Plot and role-playing games have become more complex — says Lada Abolmasova. — A larger set of emotions scenarios. More characters, and one child can play for three or four. Playing a lot of conflict, there are fantastic stories. Children give such remarks! When parents know, you think — where did that come from? '.

Psychologists say that no gardens, no schools are not ready to meet with these children. Remain the same methods of interaction: I'm a big and smart, and you're small and stupid. About to treat each student pick a key, schools can not be considered. "The big schools have no time to work with individual manifestations, there is a curriculum, a lot of children in the classroom, lack of psychological, and teachers — said the deputy director of" pre-gymnasium-lyceum guvernerskogo type of training, "the psychologist Vera Patrakeeva. — All children need for optimal development of the individual approach, otherwise they will not be able to pass any exam, nor with the future to decide. "
In PLGTO them. Davydov on 200 children accounted for 7 psychologists, for each child select a personal learning path. A trick for which at another school could give it in the neck, even welcome. The explanation — a special method of personal development. When we talked about faith Anatolevnoj rebellious nature, peculiar to indigo children, she said: "Please do all you want. The protest — this is a normal manifestation of the crisis of adolescence. We have a director's office door even recumbent strikes were. We give the rebels an opportunity to express themselves, but in a cultural form. The conflict — this obstacle. Development — is to overcome obstacles. If a teenager does not have enough obstacles to full development, we create them artificially. "
"Now more and more becoming socially maladjusted children — says Patrakeeva. — Teens better oriented in the virtual computer space than in real space of the city. An example of this: the girl, the 11-klassnitsa studied normal, maintained good relations in the classroom. She lived in the cottage, it was brought to school and taken away. And when you had to walk to most other schools, for her it was a disaster. I say catch up guys, there is only one road on Prospect Mira. She: I do not know what Mira, do not know what the 42th set. Children are adapted to that to which we adapt them, adult: first, the parents, and secondly, the school. "

None of your tricks
But what about the paranormal indigo children? All of our interviewees stated immediately: no, this is not met.
"Any child, if there is no mental or physical limitations, it is possible to develop the ability — confidently says school director" Golden Hill "for children with high intellectual abilities Firdaus Ivlev. — But the talent of 2-3% over the entire Earth, and not the fact that they meet in Chelny. We have different kids, interesting, and unique, but, thank God, without the paranormal. "
Whether adults really wise enough to protect their children from unhealthy interest indigo crowd, whether in Chelny they simply do not — do not know. What is important is not the paranormal tricks and other children. "The amount into quality — says Nina Zuev. — Gives rise to new people. We need to learn to live with them. "


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