Inductees will change clothes in the newest form

Inductees will change clothes in a new form

Winter update already tried recruits autumn 2010. Warm camouflage them have given up sending the garrisons, even on the bus pt.

Special Something to Wear war has changed not only the color — there were gone brown tones, and masking sketch on it was smaller, and "content."

Military camouflage Now sew the fabric with the use of membrane materials and light synthetic heat insulator — priemuschestvenno Holofayber. On summer field suits is cotton polyester fabric such as "rip-stop." It is hard to tear, abrasion-resistant, so it is very convenient. Soldiers and officers' boots have replaced shoes with ankle boots of the highest myagenkoy hydrophobic leather with a rubber sole and a molded antibacterial insoles.

Bimbo form knit and looks. But most importantly, as they say in the Ministry of Defence, it has become more comfortable and versatile. For example, giving up fur collar for winter field jacket in favor of the stand-up collar, the designers have gained odezhki of the chest and the neck of the military tightly covered with thick cloth with Velcro. To have a fighter in the cold does not feel cold cheeks and ears, camouflage supplied with a hood, which is simply adjusted to fit your head. In warm lining vshili sleeves with elastic cuffs — like any fighter twisted his hands, biting wind did not climb under his jacket. She, incidentally, is suitable not only for the winter. Taking off with camouflage lining, insulation, it can be worn in spring and autumn.

But as the sad incident in the garrison Jurga, even the best form not rescue a soldier from a cold, if it is to keep watch on a 40-degree frost. Delights designers find themselves naked in front of frank sloppiness commanders.

Generally the newest of the 35 items form a regular soldier was perhaps the only one — the faux sheepskin hat. Other headgear military personnel in greater or lesser degree pererablotali. For example, crown on his cap was lower by 2 centimeters. A field cap is very reminiscent NATO's. Such borrowing in our military establishment are relaxed. Moreover, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has openly admitted that the development of modern forms were taken all the best that there is in the armies of the world. In the end of the initial models Yudashkin's not much left. Creative designer delights now possible to see unless in dress uniforms soldiers and officers.

If a provision of the new recruits outfit determine generals, the frisky changing officers and contractors are expected. Wardrobe with diverse professional soldiers soldier, and it is filled with a high-quality clothes.

For example, instead of the usual coat officer now put coats and drape cloth, with 90 per cent wool content. Do female soldiers are lightweight and quite wool.

In general, for the top Russian military odezhki use worsted fabric with Teflon stain resistant finish. And so they are less myalis and long-worn, used in the manufacture of polyester fibers.

In the Ministry of Defence decided that the substitution of clothes officers will wear as an old form. Those who are certain types of clothing are not useful, will designate the payment. For example, staff officer, not very often use the clothes of the field, will be able to receive funds in return for camouflage and purchase their new shirts, shoes or order in a military company new the daily uniform.

In the meantime, do not get better overall creation of such odezhki and shoes will be refreshed priemuschestvenno stuff graduates of military schools and participants in the parade.

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