Intensified UFO visits to China


Chinese witnesses made frames, which can be seen in detail the alien ships. Experts find out how all these materials are true. In the frames can be seen as an unidentified flying object almost scraped the roofs of the city of Wuhan in the south of China, and then — a blinding flash, and again the clear sky.

Another shot seven bright spots on the island of Hainan on closer inspection turned out to be correct balls. They always shone and rotated. When there was another one, the whole structure was lost in the clouds. According to ufologist Sun Shili, "In 2008, China recorded 328 cases of UFO sightings." This is — 10 times more than in 2007.

Sun Shili convinced that aliens need not China itself, and what is on his territory — the ancient stone discs found in 1937 in the province of Guangxi. Archaeologists have been able to decipher the inscriptions on it. It was found that 12,000 years ago, these places crashed alien aircraft.


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