Interview with a Russian officer — a military adviser of Muammar Gaddafi

Chechnya. January 9, 1995. On the basis of the federal troops Khankala flies GAZ-66 "shishiga." Tarpaulin broken shards. Behind the wheel of an unshaven major. "Shishiga" slows near a field hospital. In the body of the wounded soldiers …

So we met with the then Major Guard Special Forces Ilya Korenev. Then he met many times. Both Moscow and the Caucasus.

So when he called in August of Libya, was not a big surprise. Work like that. Almost six months he spent close to Colonel Gaddafi and his family. Ilya has already spent a week in Latin America for the treatment of: injury, concussion in the Libyan desert near the border with Algeria.

The trip through the "caravan"

— How did you get to Libya? But Russia has not officially support Gaddafi.

— The trip was discharged in the spring of this year in Algeria, in the trade mission. But the primary goal was to get it in Tripoli. By appointment through the Embassy, the "caravan" I went to the headquarters of Muammar Gaddafi. Almost immediately we began to prepare the personnel of the 32nd reinforced brigade, commanded by Khamis Gaddafi and commands. Coaching and training for combat in urban environments. The fact that Tripoli will not be able to hold, it became clear around June-July. Therefore began to prepare the staff of the brigade to conduct clashes with small autonomous groups in urban areas, and outside communities. The focus is on commando training.

Soldiers and officers of the 32nd well prepared. Some trained in SAS, France. But in Libya highly respected Russian military school.

The tactics of fighting in small groups formed from the experience of the partisans in World War II and — Chechnya. Small groups — 20-30 people attacking military convoys, mine the area and after the sabotage depart to safe areas.

— You say "we"? We — this is Russia, or you're talking about someone else who was with you in Libya?

— Of course, I was there not one. All I can say right now, our guys Gaddafi is. From Russia, mostly retired officers, abbreviated from the Russian army, and experts from the former Soviet republics.

— You did not answer — why you were sent to Tripoli, the Russian authorities have officially declared — Gaddafi must go?

— Who can deny the slave to send a senior official to Algeria on a business trip? For example, the area of military-technical cooperation? And so what input given orally in the office, it is neither for whose ears are not intended. My work judged by results, not by planning and timely reports.

Professionals understand that the attack on Libya — is part of the planned actions. Next: Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Central Asia and Russia. No matter in what order. But Russia is likely to cost the most recent. As long as it is surrounded by unfriendly her puppet regimes, radar, military bases, strongly encourage corruption and increasing dissent within the country.

— After this trip you stay in the service?

— I have already sent a report to the dismissal. I know that you have asked a private matter. Definitely not for awards. But the length of service and the apartment is. No family. And come back to Russia, I'm not going. This year, a lot has changed, I made certain decisions for themselves. Without notes, I can not stop war.

Brest Fortress in Tripoli

— Are you saying that it was impossible to keep Tripoli. What went wrong in the defense?

— This error is not in defense, but the assessment of the conflict. It was the fact that Gaddafi was living in two parallel worlds. He has not adhered to this policy, such as the North Korean leader. He does not twitch — the oppression of their own. But Gaddafi did not believe an attack on the country to the last. Even in mid-August, when the applied air strikes on Tripoli to other cities, he talked with Berlusconi and Sarkozy. They assured him that the ground operation in Tripoli will not. Several years ago, Gaddafi offered to create a powerful defense system in its entirety. This could be done by some countries of the former Union. But he believed that these actions will only tease the U.S. and Europe. Again, and Italy, and France, and even Great Britain assured him that the ground war against Libya will not.

Error has also been a long observation bribed Libyan officers. We had to arrest them immediately, not to give away with contagion spreading. But Gaddafi wanted to reveal as much as possible traitors. Indecision Gaddafi because of his personal views on the conflict was caused by the way, and the factors that persuaded several senior officers to take on a pair of million dollars and to the side of the rebels. Imagine all have the rain, fall on your head stone, and you say — would cost a party will be held. Many of you are sure to go for? Especially those who will be important and the primary targets for the enemy. The human factor, even in Africa the human factor.

— How did you manage to escape unscathed from Tripoli?

— We have been warned, "Al-Jazeera" and CNN. We saw footage of "victory" insurgents captured in Qatar. It was already known about the scenery Green Square in Tripoli, the desert near Doha. They knew what they were. These shots were the signal for the attack to the rebels and saboteurs. Immediately after these shots around town "sleeper cells" rebels started setting up checkpoints, to break into the command centers and apartment officers, not betrayed Gaddafi. The port began landing of foreign troops. One of the flanks stopped responding. General Eshkal handed position without a fight. Gaddafi gave orders not to extinguish the fire and move away. Not to turn Tripoli into a cauldron in which the "grinding" and army troops and civilians. Several hundred bombers refused to execute the order and stayed to fight in the city, in an attempt to cause maximum damage to the enemy, to distract him from the prosecution of leaders and commanders. They still continue to resist. For more than a month in Tripoli, there are areas where even the Islamists do not agree well. It's their choice, it's their city, and I understand them.

Assault began. We left the house near the base of the Bab al-Aziziyah in a small house in the south of the capital. In just a few hours to a few machines left the city and went to a safe place. It turned out just in time — the house hit three consecutive GBU — bunkerbasterov, heavy bombs. Cars were ordinary jeeps, no there specifically built for Gaddafi "Mercedes." Why draw attention to himself? Although I have no doubt that Americans often knew where Gaddafi. But missiles and bombs flew there for about 5 minutes left. They seem to show him that at any moment it can be destroyed, but so far, apparently, there is a prohibition on destruction. In the Libyan conflict a lot of attention paid to the information and psychological attacks.

— Family members who stayed in Libya and stick together?

— No, the Gaddafi family split almost immediately. This is the most effective solution. Ordinary Libyans say Gaddafi unless he comes back, it is certainly one of his children. Now someone went to Tunisia, Algeria someone who Niger. But the boundaries clear. Khamis was in the suburbs of Tripoli to organize resistance. Safe in Bani Walid. Neither the colonel nor his children are virtually the same place, constantly moving. The most difficult problem — communication. Ether is controlled by military and technical means of the 6th U.S. Navy, DIA and NSA USA. So I could not take a chance to transfer photos and videos. It takes more time than the release of the "package" of text information. But access to the Internet is rare, NATO knows about what we districts and blocks any connection.

— Yes, the photos captured by British troops is clearly not enough. How it all happened? How did you know that it is the soldiers of the SAS, because the documents on military operations do not take?

— Photos will be. Prisoners themselves and the fact that the public humiliation of the enemy army — is the argument. War is war, and at the negotiating table is always there. The more trump cards, the easier it will dialogue. It was a subversive group 30 people. Most of the army of Qatar, 13 British and French. They conducted additional exploration in Bani Walid. Apparently, for the main body. But around the city is not well known. Local reports that the group wanders around the city. We were able to conduct the operation and capture them. Qataris were executed Libyans. They just wildly hated. As well, they say, a Muslim came to the house to the other Muslim and killed his family? So — "iadam" ("execution, the death penalty"), period. English and French have separated, questioned and taken to the shelter. Actually — and they hide it? Recorded the names, identity numbers and the name of the photographed and e-mailed to the address of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain and France. They offered to give them the soldiers without any conditions, such as in any place in Libya.

By the way, the car, which was conducted in the transmission of information, was destroyed by a rocket in just a few hours, when returning to the city. Now that is very tightly controlled. When Britain abandoned its soldiers, we considered the option to take them to Algeria. It held a press conference to show the world. I was in the same column with the guys Moussa Ibrahim ehavshimi Algeria agree on a press conference. Many diplomatic difficulties in the capital would not give to hold still, it was a border village. On the way we fired from helicopters. I was thrown out of the explosion of open body jeep. Tuareg fighters have picked up and helped carry abroad. From there I came here for treatment. Not that everything has gone according to plan, but alive.

— In Russia there is a threat from NATO and the U.S.?

— Of course. Open confrontation in the first phase will be. Priority — to blow up again Caucasus by radical Islamists, immerse in the south of Russia, though a local, but a large-scale war. Now to come to power in the Maghreb by radical Muslims. The militants of the "Al Qaeda" and other extremist groups. Between Russia and the Mediterranean distance is much less than to Afghanistan, and the mountain is smaller and lower. U.S. is profitable, Europe and Russia. Abd al-Hakim Belhadj — the military commander of Tripoli, claims the first role in the new government of Libya. He's the first person of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a recognized terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

— More applicants not?

— There is. Renegade Colonel Khalifa Haftarah, 20 years lived in the United States. Former military judge in al-Gaddafi — Muhammad Bashir Al-Haddar. You can say, for brevity — Belhadj protege Qatar. Al Haddar — misratskih of oligarchs, supported by France. Haftarah — protege of bengaziyskih oligarchs supported by the U.S..

If Belhadj enter the government, and it will, it will, in the world's capitals. "Beautiful" — action that is associated with our Caucasian underground, coming to the Kremlin, shake hands with the president.

Also, in addition to radical Islam in Libya is uncontrolled plundering of arms from the Libyan army depots. And most of these weapons goes to the Caucasus in the holds of bulk carriers. From the ports of North Africa to the coast of the Caucasus — a couple of days of travel. It is unfortunate that those who are called to think about the safety of our citizens are not able to read at least the reports of analysts NATO. They clearly indicate that the illegal export of stolen weapons in Libya — one of the major challenges to global security.

— What is unique about the Libyan war? How is it different from the armed conflicts that have you been?

— Every war is unique. In Libya — is eclectic. Massive propaganda World, burning areas, as in Vietnam, corruption and desertion, as in Iraq. Has its "Belarusian partisan". As in all wars, killed a lot of civilians. But the conflict is really unique. On the one hand, the Tuaregs — soldiers desert berdankami 1908 and the Amazigh with machetes. On the other, — guided aerial bombs and laser guided missiles, drones and reconnaissance. Clash of civilizations, and eternity.

On the territory where there is a conflict, perhaps it is one of the biggest since the Second World War. But the number of interests, stir in the war, if not outperforming the World, that is exactly equivalent.

Serious sectors — is a psychological and informational. Constantly hanging over the territory of Libya U.S. aircraft special propaganda, dropped leaflets. Provocative stories, "Al-Jazeera", BBC, CNN, Reuters and others are going through the coordination of the information center of NATO.

Alternative version of events, special propaganda operations — "fear and Fog" more accurate slogan "Operation Unified Protector".

— What are the main challenges now facing the advocates of Gaddafi?

— It's simple. Pure mathematics. To 100% of the population there is always 5-10% and 5-10% of opposition loyalists. Whatever is happening in the country, no matter how behaved leader, one always will criticize it and others will always be loyal to him. Neither one nor the other really solve nothing. Solve the remaining 80-90% of the population, whose opinions may vary in either direction. With skillful provocation, bribery, propaganda by leading Western media balance was destroyed. But the enemies of Gaddafi pendulum has swung too far, with the same force he was destined to swing in the other direction. And it does not necessarily manifest itself in the military or the political sphere. I would say: not necessarily limited to the territory of Libya. So the main task of the supporters of Jamahiriya — in court — is designed to present the evidence and arguments. The people are special. But the heart of everything feels good. Who is a friend, who is the enemy, what is good and what is bad. The problem is actually not even the military. The military is like a small addition.

On the military side, much will depend on the support of the rebel forces of NATO. In general aviation and radio. If they stop or at least reduce the number of combat missions, as promised, and stop "push" broadcast, then knock out the clowns NPCs in slippers will not be much of a problem. With radicals will be harder. It prepared the guys from Afghanistan and Pakistan. They know how to handle weapons. Yes, and they have nowhere to flee, Libya strange country for them.

Probably, now the country will enter private military companies, which will be under the protection of pipelines and refineries. Already have this information from Brega and Ras Lanuf. Troopers tried to land there and gain a foothold. While unsuccessful. Therefore, the task will be a minimum — these objects are constantly blowing. Protect them from missiles, arriving from the desert — is impossible. In Europe, the need to understand that each barrel of oil they will be very expensive. Both in terms of dollars and human lives. The guys from the PMC is also not idiots, they wrung a price for their services, which will keep them unprofitable. A regular troops to arm silly. They have other problems.

— Who Libyans still support it? Gaddafi and the new government?

— "New Power" power I would not hurry to call. Of course, ordinary people support those who work and give them food, and most importantly — security. In Libya, there were people who criticized the actions of Gaddafi, it's true. But this was a reasonable opposition to take up arms and cut people just thought none of them were not. And it was in the minority. The new so-called power, and the more radical can not ensure stability in Libya now. And will not in the foreseeable future. Because most, if not all the same for Gaddafi, over the "time Gaddafi."

But in the East traditionally been the power and money. If the loyalists win a number of convincing wins, the people will support them. While some cities, but to resist the country now and then there are bold forays kaddafistov, people waiting at a loss on what they "liberated" and for what. Goes on to compare what happened before and what is after. And no one does not like the conclusions. If you will be put in the position of Sirte, Bani Walid and other centers of resistance, the public opinion will be on the side of the new authorities. Because of fear. Because no other choice left. Developments in the region in the near future will be very rapid. During the next month emerges direction of further developments. In normal information support the causes of war, and success will still Loyalist victory for supporters of Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya.

— What simple Libyans feel today (not soldiers Gaddafi, not rebels PNS)?

— The closest definition — they feel duped, beaten, raped and — not free. Well, imagine that in 1991, NATO started to bomb the Soviet Union under the guise of humanitarian aid. And before the bombing ended, as the country stumbled against the capitalists divide the oil fields and refineries, and the radical priests began to break into the house at all … They both would say, we'll show you how to live now. And the last would be added — do not agree — shot. People would be compressed into a survival instinct for survival would have even signed some papers and put up new flags, not to kill them to give rations to include water and electricity. People were waiting to return to the army, left in the woods, waiting to return to the old days. Around and in Libya now think. But since a lot of blood was spilled — nothing will not return to their original positions.

— Do you speak Arabic?

— "Man aaesh Kuman Arbain yauman minhum cap." It is an Arab proverb — "He who has lived with the people for 40 days, he became part of it." If I did not know would not send. Arab proverbs quite amusing. I recently put another one in the collection, when about 100 rebels in the shales with AK and RPG bomb burst into the palace reception of foreign delegations near Sirte, the last thing they saw in my life was a big sign on the wall — "Al-Aryan tyz fahaua bit almiz "- Iraqi officer saying -" Where are you going with a bare ass, but the officers' mess. "

— When are you planning to return to Libya?

— After a few days I will have one of the neighboring countries. Boundary at 90% is not controlled by the rebels. There is a connection with Khamis, and with our own. They wait.

Khamis Gaddafi: We will win or die, give up, or no one is going to run

In a telephone conversation with his classmate at Academy. Frunze, officers of the Russian army, Sergei Khamis Gaddafi gave thanks to all the Russians who supported the struggle of the Libyan people against the invaders. "AN" give words Khamis Gaddafi entirely, removing only the full name of the classmate.

— Thank you to all of our classmates and teachers who were able to give me a little bit of the spirit of your people-winner and taught to adequately assess a combat situation, gave valuable military experience and skill. I am proud that I had such a teacher, I deserve them — time will tell.

Thanks to all those who support us, while in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. And especially — those brave souls of your people who have stayed with us shoulder to shoulder to protect my country from aggression. We will win or die, give up, or no one is going to run. To die in battle near warriors — the dream of every defender of his country. In any case, to have a friend of the Russian people — an honor for Libyans, and this is recorded in the pages of the history of Libya, Allah witness. In the words of your Russian song — "This land will be ours if we do not die in battle!" But Libya will always be ours, even if we die!

Much has changed in the world now. Who would have thought that everything was going to happen. But you remember — that's what we were prepared and studied. And we will survive this ordeal with valor. No matter what the British / French / or American newspapers and television — the majority of the population supports us. And we did not give up, do not say looting and violence. Maybe we made a mistake, a long While he saw the conflict as a conflict vnutriliviysky. And so it is. But our enemies, traitors carried him outside Libya, sells to the capitalist-colonialists. I ordered all means to inform the international community about the crimes of NATO and the rebels, to spread information after each raid on civilian targets and the civilian population after each battle or massacre of ordinary Libyans and foreigners. I want to be sure that the Libyan blood is flowing river is not for nothing that the world will finally see, what are the UN and the so-called civilized West.

Our blood is not cheap. Neither a traitor and indifferent will not sleep until the end of his days, by Allah and honor the Libyan army officer. Protect yourself, your family and your country. Once again, our friendship, Sergei, an honor.


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