Rector of the Catholic parish in Rokingheme (Australia) Finbarr Walsh claims that one of his parishioners, a 50-year old father of three children, themselves appeared bloody wounds on the hands and feet.

Lara and pestilences

It turns out that in the past can not do. Even the Roman writer Apuleius wrote in his "Metamorphoses" of the terrible "larah" who roam the earth and suck the blood of the young men. What has fueled the belief that vampires — the very real being? Ironically, sometimes — very conscientious research. It is a message of Austrian doctors who in 1732 was sent to investigate a strange occurrence in the Serbian village Medvegiya. Military medics made a report, which was sent to Vienna, where so far and survived.

The report described how the village came to a real vampire. Pointed to a certain village Arnold Paola, who allegedly died, falling from the cart with hay. Its been attacked in the night a young woman named Stanachka. Doctors were called because Stanachka three days later died of fever occurred is not clear why.

Doctors, after hearing stories about visiting villagers Stanachki "Mora", that is the soul of the deceased, who goes on the ground, lulls people, and then strangles and drinks the blood, so they decided on a heroic act at the time: the exhumation of the corpse of Arnold Paola. When they dug his grave, then, to their surprise, they saw that the shroud of Arnold and all his coffin in the blood, and from the eyes and mouth fresh blood flowing. As he wrote seven years before they had another witness exhumation: "Not without surprise, I saw fresh blood on his lips. Was full of blood and his mouth. " He, however, this did not make the conclusion that the dead drank the blood of the living. Doctors knew that initially covers the dead "Rigor Mortis", ie stiffness, which after some time passes, and the blood begins to flow from the broken vessel. A century, doctors have more knowledge of the various diseases transmitted by blood-sucking insects — various fevers (Stanachka just died of an unknown fever), malaria, and anemia associated with it. In principle, the cause of death could be any of these diseases.

Dracula in a skirt

Another source of belief in vampires — the very real facts. In the 17th century in Hungary lived Countess Bathory Erzhbeta, which after the death of her husband crazy. And maybe not gone, but did so that people could not find its way, as crazy. In her order delivered to the castle of innocent girls and killed them, and bathed in tubs Erzhbeta of their blood. The King, hearing of her atrocities, sent a detachment to the castle, which is found in the basement of the corpses of fifty girls. Bathory thrown into prison, where she died a few years.

But not necessarily refer to the story. Perhaps many in the brutal murder of his wife's memory of the American film director Roman Polanski actress Sharon Tate. Susy Atkins (of Charles Manson's group sorcerer) killed her, not paying attention to the words of a woman pleaded for her unborn child (she was in the ninth month of pregnancy). In the minutes of the court testified that Atkins tasted the blood of his victim.

Since the existence of vampires — the case, to put it mildly, a controversial, it makes sense to listen to the people most knowledgeable in this field — experts dealing with magic. What did they say?

Life in Death

The most mysterious and terrible creature type of the astral world — is dead-bloodsuckers. In order to become such a monster, you have to be, as they say, a man without a soul, that is, a person who has the lowest and the highest mental completely separated. Then that person is firmly attached to her astral body, and the path to the higher worlds she ordered.

To delay the inevitable horrible end, a person can choose a different path — a life in death, the life of a vampire. Someone else's blood helps strengthen the bond of astral and physical bodies and delay indefinitely the terrible fate.

Blood vampires need to materialize the astral image in which they wander among people, causing about death. So, contrary to popular belief, it is not a vampire living corpse and blood napivshiysya astral image of the villain. But his death may speed up just the way that what is in the folk tradition, — destroying the physical body, is bound to a vampire, and without which it can not exist.

"" There is a lot of evidence taken out of their graves the bodies of vampires — says an expert of witchcraft and occultism Eliphas Levi in his book "History of Magic" — amazingly preserved and saturated with blood

Attempted Murder

If the blood-sucking vampires, we meet more often in books and movies, the vampires of a different kind — energy — could be close to you, and you will not even notice. But first let's ask ourselves: what do you imagine hearing the word "attack"? Dark alley, sinister brilliance knife? For the psychic attack vampires none of this is necessary. Their attack on the human bio-energy field can be of three kinds. The first — the attack on the vital energy field, or shell, and the second — a blow to the emotional field (astral), the third — the penetration of the intellectual (mental) field.

Also acts as energy vampire? First, it establishes a relationship with the victim, which occultists call "rapport" or "mental cable." Through this cable vitality in unlimited quantities pumped out of the person. Most deaths are powerless against the villain. Trim vampire or "snack cable" can only experienced magician or a psychic.

Do not, however, think that the energy vampirism engaged exclusively finished villains. Very common phenomenon — unconscious vampirism. People guilty of it, and sometimes even suffer from this are called "engineers." Their body is designed so that the energy field it is closed. These people can not or do not wish to draw energy from the environment, and steal it from other people.

Usually "sapper" consciously or unconsciously seeks to enter into close contact with someone, especially with the cheerful person, which has a large energy potential. Next to the likes of "engineers" feel very well. Poor things, "donor", in contrast, tested for the first stimulation, then emptiness and exhaustion, and finally, an irresistible urge to stop communicating with the "sapper".

Here is what the "sapper" Yu Ivanov, serious expert in this area: "As soon as the victim of" sapper "slipped away and I felt better, she begins to consider his anger towards the" sapper "unreasonable, feels a sense of remorse and desire to be an enjoyable and heart in further meetings with him. But subsequent meetings lead to the same results. Gnawing problem occurs in people who are the "sapper" in the family, friends and business relations, and so they often come into contact with it. For them, the communication with the "sapper" — a cycle "escape" and return to samoupreka regular pumping energy, repeated again and again. Observations and experiments have shown that the "engineers", representing the psychological parasites draw "life energy" (as well as emotional and mental) of the energy shell of others. "

Magical views and voices

There are two common variations of the "engineers." Representatives of the first draining energy by voice, the second — the eyes. A famous Russian psychic practitioner and theorist Alexander Martynov believes energy vampirism a major focus of black magic.

Explanation, which is given by Martynov, differ from the position of Ivanov. Martynov believes that the first stage of the individual floor damage caused by irritation, envy, anger others, neither more nor less than a phenomenon called in common with the evil eye. In the place shell where kicked deflection appears, on the other hand — the bulge. Her show with vines, allowing the experienced psychic to figure out the direction of impact and the size of the damaged area.

The emergence of such a zone could lead to the most disastrous consequences, because to eliminate it with medication can not. Necessary energy impact, and skillful, which is able to produce only an experienced Sensitive.

"A much more serious violation of the energy shell — her break, — says Alexander Martynov. — In these cases you can not find the boundary energy output or leaks. This anomaly leads to a drastic reduction in defense of the person: the seemingly healthy as he is experiencing general weakness, constant discomfort — it is as if suddenly replaced. Doctors still can not make a diagnosis. Lowering containment leads to the fact that a person has multiple symptoms: field becomes loose, uneven. Its further decrease can cause fainting, and even death. Getting rid of man from connecting to a vampire, which I associate with the popular notion of "spell" is only for the strong psychics, a characteristic that truncation of the outgoing energy flow to the vampire sometimes observed sound or light effects, and the field in front of the patient is increased by 2 3 times compared to the original. "

How to cheat a vampire?

Now that we know how to organize energy vampire attack on the person and how he causes evil, let's talk about protection from the impact. There are many ways such protection, but we are touching on some of the least complex.

One of the most reliable ways — building a protective shell. You can learn to do it, after a work-out. So you feel that, unfortunately, a victim of the energy vampire. We begin to build a defense. Try to "touch look", what the touch page of the book you are reading, "stroke" it. Then — the hand. Catch the difference feelings.

Then just "tap" view of an object environment, "stroke" it and again compare the difference of sensations. Does not work immediately, touch with one hand, and then try to reproduce the feeling of the mind, without touching the object. Having mastered the "eye contact", or simply turn your back, do not look at an object and "touch" him again. Eyes while not close properly. Now feel in the center of the brain at the level of the mid-brow gold pea, feel her warm, good luster. That feel, not imagine. Then feel that the pea is split in two, and that one of them slowly came out of you at the brow at arm's length. Between peas there is a connection, a sort of attraction. Feel outer pea. Clearly feel the space separating peas.

"Then," print "two peas in the same arm's length between the head — left and right. Simultaneously all four feel the pea and space them apart. Actually, the problem is to achieve three-dimensional perception. To do this, feel the golden pea in the same at arm's length for the head. Retrieved cross lying in a horizontal plane. You can then start the cross rotate clockwise. received a gold ring, whose center will be the first pea. then quite easy to make gold hoop in the golden egg that surrounds your body and provides no adverse effects to penetrate. Shells can be very different: color (eg blue top, bottom, orange), with the center of the solar plexus

*** External protection can be based on simple and distraction. For example, you can take a contrast shower, pour cold water one or two times a day (best time — 8:00 am and 7:00 pm), dance, something quick and temperamental like rock 'n' roll, start eating spicy peppers pepper (some consider effective means of small bit of cayenne pepper and a cup of coffee).

*** You can have a direct impact on the attacked area of the body. For example, if you are experiencing pain in the solar plexus and you think that it is caused by a mental attack, cross your hands and push them just above the navel, while reducing the abdominal muscles. Very often when a pain we instinctively begin to put pressure on the sore spot with his hand, fingers and massaging it.

*** There are other options: download food, strengthening the work of other centers. So if attacked zone, located in the head, to divert attention away from the center, making it a more. The easiest way to do this is through the stomach: there is more than usual, or change the diet — do not eat three times a day, every two hours. If attacked, the solar plexus, upload your head — think continuously about something, read a lot.

The reader who is acquainted with these notes may hmyknut skeptical, saying that all this nonsense. Well, everyone is free to decide on its own. But let's not forget the fact that we still know too little about the action of the dark forces. And they know about us too much …

Gennady Fedotov

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