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Siberian Branch, opening the NATO base in Ulyanovsk and WTO are part of a single plan to transfer Russia under global management.
On April 17, when Brazil began meeting "International Partnership" Open Government "in the Kremlin Medvedev held a final meeting of the working group on the establishment of the upgraded cabinet" open government. " As the special envoy Mikhail Margelov, who had distinguished himself at the opening of the economy of Libya, Russia has already submitted an application for membership in the "International Open Government" and sent to Brazil representatives.

About Partnership "Open Government", also known as the "US-Brazilian initiative", first U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, July 12, 2011. That same autumn at the UN General Assembly concept developed by the Council for National Security, has been officially presented by President Barack Obama. The stated purpose of the project — to create a mechanism for strengthening democracy and human rights, anti-corruption, the use of technology in government.

Who will lead this "community"?

Apparatus in partnership is not currently available, and all of the functions performed by the U.S. State Department, and as a cover, the Office of Supervision and Control of the President of Brazil. Was co-chair of Community UK. Thus, as in the good colonial times, members of the partnership, like the governments of Papuans, providing information to the British "Foreign Office" and receive guidance from him.

Scheme of "open" government is as follows: Western ekspertokratiya makes the cabinet policy development and strategy. The liberals in our White House implement them. Proven "progressive community representatives" of the right of NGOs strictly monitor the implementation of the "recommendations": if they believe that the government has deviated from the right course, instantly raising campaign starts — both at home and abroad. With connection "swamp rallies."

The ultimate goal of "open government" is the transfer of the functions of the nation state to global control center.

Fastest puzzle unraveled in India, which originally was supposed to be in the committee, but refused on the eve of launching the initiative. The longtime leader of the Movement did not satisfy the obligation to expose their internal affairs and decision-making processes of some "independent assessment mechanism" and "independent experts." Even the British magazine "The Economist" noted that the entry in the "open government" of the state to subordinate themselves to external scrutiny, and the external assessment will be critical to put the government in an awkward position.

In Russia, we have already passed through an outward control in the early 90's. Today the "open government" is forcing the program to reduce the presence of the state in the economy, continuing the "glorious" tradition Gaidar and Chubais.

Revealing survey results held on social networking pages RIA Novosti during a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev. Watching the debate were asked whether they are prepared to cooperate with the "open government." Found that the majority of citizens did not understand the essence of "transformation." In this case, Medvedev began to get nervous, "Why do we have to explain? People themselves should strive for this. "

Meanwhile, correctly understood all fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who immediately took the initiative to empower all members of the Russian Federation state status to the actual turning them into 83 new states, under some "corporation", while calling to replace the "moribund aesthetics of post-industrial society" to "limit the aesthetics of liberalism, or the aesthetics of a transparent society."

Note that Berezovsky "feels the trend", because —

Siberian Branch, on which the Liberals insisted, began to take concrete shape

Passed announcement that Russian authorities in Siberia create a "state within a state", which originally would have a form of "state-owned companies on the development of Eastern Siberia and the Far East." The goal of this company is based in Vladivostok, will be "to attract investments in the development of Siberia and the Far East, and the efficient use of natural resources." With self-selection process, it is strange something like a "Far Eastern Republic" during the Civil War, has at his disposal 16 subjects of the federation, was 60% in Russia, which will be virtually withdrawn from the federal law on mineral resources, forests, land, town planning, employment and citizenship.

It is derived from the formation of the Russian laws, the head of which is still predicting the First Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov, plans to operate "without stipulated by the legislation of competitive procedures mineral rights and forest resources in the areas necessary for the implementation of investment projects."

By investing in the "new state" prepare the country's largest gold deposit Sukhoi Log, and iron ore deposits Udorongskoe Nizhneangarsk and oil Boat. In addition, the new state entities receive a zero rate of income tax reduced rate contributions for compulsory social insurance. It is not a substitute for the only "Rosnedra" but all the organs of the Russian authorities. The paper stresses that the federal and regional governments have no right to interfere with state companies. The only regulatory authority remains Chamber, but checks will be carried out with the direct instructions of the President. In the future all of its license will be transferred to the share capital of the project participants — those who appoint its leadership. Powers of the state-owned lot, and the list can be extended — but only "newly elected" President Putin.

Given the demographics, when Russian was already at least 4 million people need to be aware that for the development of Russia's wealth will attract people of China and other countries, as the main profit from it will receive "designated private investors."

We note that by doing so confirmed the prediction assumes that during its next term, Putin will be ready to pay off Siberia.

In connection with these plans completely different looks creating a NATO base in central Russia, on the border of Europe and Asia. The base, which can provide direct drug trafficking from Afghanistan, has raised the Tatar nationalists to advocate for the deployment of foreign troops in Ulyanovsk. Marking the ability to move the Kosovo scenario on the Volga river with little additional funding and guaranteed source of light and heavy weapons.

Not without reason in March 2009 in Tatarstan for meetings "with the leaders of public organizations" was allowed a delegation of the U.S. State Department (at the same Godepa spokesman Ian Kelly said, "We want to work with all segments of Russian society, both ethnic and political" ). After that, in 2010, during his visit to Tatarstan's mother was so surprised Clinton centuries of peaceful coexistence between Orthodox Christians and Muslims, in their speeches not only rests on the word "democracy" and "independence", but also helped in organizing the "Tatarstan government in exile" and promised that from now on "will consult with the head of Tatarstan on some foreign policy issues."

In all of this Russian kvazielita hastily enters the WTO, whose rules require WTO rule of law over national law, while refusing to hold a referendum on joining the WTO, which is a violation of people's right to power, some third article of the Constitution.

From the above we can draw only one conclusion — implementation of the transfer of sovereign functions of the Russian state of global government has already begun …

Alexander Zhilin, a journalist.

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