It is time to abandon the acronym BRIC

It's time to give up the BRICS acronym

Russia must bow to the exit from the BRICS, inviting her for all that candidature, namely, the place running mate Euro Union, recognizing its European roots and accepting European values. Specifically, these tips give Roger Boys, editor of the diplomatic section of The Times in his article concerning the BRICS Summit in Divide.

BRICS can exceed GDP Gross Domestic Product eurozone countries that society is full. According to the views of the creator of articles, this club is more concerned with political obstructionism. On the initiative of the Russian side it seeks to create "a special spirit," which is pushing the club to compete with the United States and the industrialized countries of G7. Because of this, the spirit of the BRICS supports the wrong side in the discussions relating to humanitarian intervention.

The journalist said that in all the above are not interested BRICS, and she abbreviation "BRICS"Need to mask differences that exist between member countries, and not to promote their settlement. Boys shows that the worst is that belonging to the BRICS "Distract China from its global commitments" and encourage Beijing to support Russian political aspirations (or hide them).

Our home feels uncomfortable in the BRICS, but kept the idea that membership in the block is a means of restoring the impact in the regions where it has been weakened after the collapse of the Union of Russian. Creator believes that our homeland is not a friend to China and India: revenues depend on Russian oil and gas exports, there is a decrease of the population. RF output from the BRICS will be for her release.
Boys proposes the integration of the Russian Federation in Europe, conduct negotiations with Brazil on bilateral cooperation and to waive acronym BRICS, because she thought as "a witty nickname global trend."

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