Jacque Fresco 97 years — at school do not teach!


Jacque Fresco — a public figure, a production engineer, industrial designer and futurist who lives in Florida. Director and founder of the "Venus." He really titanium eggs and he did a lot.

Jacques was born on March 13, 1916 in New York, in the ordinary American family. He attended the local secondary school, and at an early age he began to have trouble with teachers because of their beliefs. At the age of 14 years, one of the school hours, Jacques refused to pledge allegiance to the flag of the traditional United States, explaining their behavior as follows:

"I will not swear allegiance to the flag of one nation, because we owe it to the people that lived before and who have so much to all of us did. Among them are representatives of every nation. I prefer to take an oath of loyalty planet Earth and all life on it. "

In the words of Jacques, it was then that he began to understand the need to think globally, but in the case of his teacher that does not work — as punishment for disobeying the teacher took him to the principal. On the question of how small Jacques refers to the history of the USA, Fresco said that it is more like propaganda than on history.

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