Japanese astronaut in orbit experienced the magic carpet


Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata (Koichi Wakata) experienced in orbit flying carpet. This was reported in a press release on the website of Japan Space Agency (JAXA). The experiment was conducted May 15, 2009, was one of 16 experiments on the properties of gravity, which offered simple Japanese Space Agency. As part of the experience astronaut flew on the Japanese Kibo module on a piece of white material.

To keep it, he stuck a foot with adhesive tape. In addition astronaut in zero gravity tried neatly folded clothes, use eye drops, as well as experienced water gun. Video experiences available here. A series of experiments conducted on May 15, was the second of three planned.

The first unusual experiments in orbit passed on April 27. Then Wakata performed a series of physical exercises: he tried to do push-ups, catch up, spinning in place. Besides Japanese astronaut tried to sail through the air, moving his hands in the water. It was found that this method does not work movement. A total of astronaut spent 11 of the 16 planned experiments. Date of the last series of tests has not yet been set. For some of them will require the Japanese partners. So, he will have to compete with some of the crew on hand, as well as battle in a tug-of-war.

Recall that recently reported that the Japanese Space Agency intends to deliver its astronauts to rent. In particular, over 55 thousand dollars an hour astronaut Wakata will perform scientific experiments to the customer or to hold an advertising campaign. Payment should be in orbit of the necessary materials also falls on the company-customer: about 33 thousand dollars per kilogram of cargo.

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