Kazakh citizens are struggling with Snakes

14.05.11.Ne had residents of the West Kazakhstan recover from floods, as faced with a new disaster — snakes. Officials say the fight against cold-blooded they do not have the time or the money. Now in busy cleaning debris from the Ural River and the corpses of dead animals. However, local residents are not more concerned about the snake, and then, as they rebuild their homes, according to zakon.kz

The water receded from the houses. Now in the private sector as in the swamps. Of water snakes are divorced. Day there are not many, but at dusk the river banks teeming cold-blooded. Local authorities are more concerned with the lost animals. Ural clear of dead animals and debris. Officials are even statistics.

Farouk Mukanov, Chief Specialist of Department of Agriculture WKR:

— During the flood in the area killed 79 cows, 467 sheep, 1200 pigs and one horse. Now we are trying to clear the river, but the strength and technology is not enough. How to clean everything, so to begin construction.

The old man's wife in this country house living for three decades. Flood-affected residents are pleased that in general there is much to come back. Seniors do not have to hope for help from the state and themselves set about restoring the garden. But 2 sacks of potatoes from Akimat will not be superfluous, the old man said.

NINA Starikov:

— Here are two buckets of potatoes, move it. Good potatoes. She then planted.

As a result of the floods in West Kazakhstan region affected about 10,000 homes. For rehabilitation and construction of housing officials promised to begin from May 15.

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