Kazakov, who complained to Putin and Medvedev at the officials, exposed public flogging

Photo: dymovskiy.name

South Ural Cossack village Magnetic wroteopen letterPrime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev. It criticized the policy of regional authorities with regard to the Cossacks. However, as reportedPolit.Ru, approval letter is not found in the official leadership of the Orenburg Cossack Army Society. Authors decided to subject the public flogging.

On the whole leadership of the Cossacks, as thereportMagnitogorsk city Cossack chieftain society "The village Magnetic" Nyquist DN, supports the position of the letter authors. However, the very form of treatment seemed chieftain too democratic and worthy of punishment.

Moreover, the board of the Orenburg Cossack evensupportedauthors of the letter in its decision, noting that the regional authorities do little attention paid to the development of the Cossacks.

In a letter to the Cossacks have complained that local officials act only out of personal interests and ignore all the orders of higher authorities. The last straw that prompted the Cossacks to the complaint, was the arrival of the troops in the Orenburg chairman of the Council for the Cossacks under the President of Russia Alexander Beglova.

"In a meeting with two hundred chieftains of the three regions of the Urals Federal District in Chelyabinsk Beglov came from Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich, too late for forty minutes," — writes the Cossacks. According to them, a quick singing the praises of the regional authorities, to which the "Hall said stony silence, as against the Cossacks during the governor Mikhail Yurevich, despite repeated requests from the chairman of the district commission UFD Sergei Smetanyuk, in the Chelyabinsk region is not done absolutely nothing ".

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