Keys to hate

The first professional scientific research methods of mass encoding began (and this not surprise anyone) at the beginning of the twentieth century in Germany. It suggested that the hatred is necessary for the survival of a highly organized body. This means that there must be some "margin of hate." Animal experiments have allowed German scientists to identify mechanisms to enable it. And not only predators, and even in mice and rabbits.

For people hate attributed to a protective mechanism, suggesting that the supply of "Fela" ("ZZ" in Latin — hate) is the same for all people. Moreover, even the most civilized people, can easily feel the hatred … with the blessing of the government. As well as the inclusion of hate — simple and very ancient mechanism of the psyche, then turn it is quite simple.

And then the fun begins. Turning Fela tied to specific encoding words (keys to hatred), one use of which in the future instantly brings one from the reasonable state to Fel. Of course, without the German research management practices hysterical crowds owned in all totalitarian regimes. For example, in the Soviet Union often used key named "class enemy."

And for people hate narkogenno state. Culture has taught us to suppress it, but in the interest of his country, against its enemies, this feeling is not just like a drug with a rapid period of getting used to, but is very patriotic. In certain circles.

As with any coding, keys embedded in the subconscious mind quickly. Scattered here and there on television, newspaper articles or news, the radio, they are without a critical attitude on the part of consciousness. For example, in Russia we clearly know that in the West send only negative news about us or cut out the positive. We know that all the information about us through the filter of powerful negative stereotypes and, in turn, gives rise to a new film. The question is — how our perception of them is different from their perception of us? It seems that the media, as the main instrument of this war are using the same technique. Including from time to time in relation to the fel selected objects, be it a country, "designed to steal our gas" or "insanity" president "puppet government", they seek the full support of the people of their own government. And as a matter of is it that they are always on the side of justice. Although in a different way and can not be, because in the state of Fela people can not tolerate that someone who holds a different opinion can also defend justice. If a known advocate against patriotic officials, it is clear that he does it for American money, not because I thought so …

Progress does not stand still. All, and especially how to control the mass of people thinking improved. Filled all the free advertising on the air gap acting on feelings, shows incredible, passing all possible limits, the happiness of buying a new means of dandruff. It introduces the audience to the subconscious is not this unfortunate chemical means, and domestic demand for strong emotions. Next — thrillers and action films that teach feel angry to screen villains. And then similar stories in the media about the dastardly villains, attacking the good and peaceful (in parentheses enter the appropriate country, the people, the state-owned …), addresses the need for strong emotions, as anger and rage among the strongest, and if they are still approved by the the highest level …

The most vulnerable to the confluence of the Fel and therefore most easily encoded is young. May improve with age, self-control, and a man can begin to appreciate their stock Fela and not spend for nothing. Is that on the instructions of the Government, the right thing.

Means of Mass Encoding simultaneously perform several important functions. The feeling of hatred for the enemy to feelings of devotion, or at least the approval of his government, which without these enemies you can see too many flaws — one step. Recall how Saakashvili instantly rallied around his internal enemies, when Russia began an operation to force it to the world. Further, increased accountability of consciousness of its citizens, as for the implementation of the necessary settings only need to be able to disable it for a short time criticality, and anger and self-analysis are not compatible.

But who is behind all this? Policy? But it seems that they fel-encoded even more citizens. Special services? Or some kind of secret organization? Well if so. Very sad if it is we ourselves coded to hate each other, from this information began to hate the war, in which more and more of yourself zombiruem.

Can anything be done about it? How to be yourself, even if religion gives parishioners own fel-setting in relation to other religions? Can. One knowledge of this mechanism is greatly weakens its impact. And if we add to this calm and irony, this television-news-world-like the recent casino where winnings are strong emotions, and loss — a real health and money, you will not catch him.


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