KGB vs. Milana Mikhalevich and Tatiana Seviarynets

Wife prisoner presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Milan requires a response from the government on what basis she was prevented from traveling from Belarus to Warsaw, where she was to speak to the deputies of the Polish Sejm. Special forces also prevented to go to Warsaw mother of political prisoner Pavel Sevyarinets — Tatiana.

Milan Michalevic

The wife of former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Milan had planned to participate in the discussion of the Belarusian events in the Polish Sejm. On the eve of her suddenly called himself Ales and asked not to go to Warsaw, and if Milan decided nevertheless disobey, then KGBisty adopted her on the road near Baranovichi and stated that her departure is prohibited. Milan Michalevic Liberty said that she wanted to say in the Polish Sejm:

"Noted that December 19 was to be a holiday and logical conclusion the most liberal of the campaign. And finally this day acquired color batons special forces, and the darkness that that day fell on our country, unfortunately continues today and for our country and for our family. I hope that Poland, the European Union and the international community to use all possible peaceful means to free our loved all illegally arrested people. "

Milan Michalevic submitted the text of his speech in Warsaw, Polish-, and hopes that it will be presented to the Diet. She also said that he would demand an answer, who and on what basis forbade her to leave Belarus. But above all, it must take care of the health of his eldest daughter, she experienced another stress after a search that took place in the apartment Michalevic for how many hours before departure Milana:

"Those people, are now in the KGB detention center, is now much more difficult. The only thing I care about is the health of the eldest daughter, who was very scared yesterday's search. We have already made an appointment to see a doctor and will somehow solve this problem. "

Tatiana Seviarynets

The mother of Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana, which was taken in for questioning by the KGB and for how many hours the train to Warsaw, took the passport and gave only the next day. On his unexpired speech in the Polish Sejm Tatiana Seviarynets said:

"The implications of this, we have a police country with an authoritarian dictatorship. What we can grasp a person on the street, dragged into a car to come with a search warrant, and so on. What is so wrong with my son Paul, who was detained on the street on December 19 during a peaceful protest, and it happened to me on January 12, when I ran for the train to Warsaw. Three men in plainclothes car blocked the road — just do not have driven wheel — and is surrounded by three ambalav I was taken to the KGB. "

Tatiana Seviarynets says that it is supported by all the household, but also friends, and even more distant acquaintances. On the situation in the families of other political prisoners, as well as their efforts in the release of their relatives from the prison said one of the founders of the new social initiative relatives of political prisoners "Liberation" Olga Bondarenko:

"Today, together with Ulyana Kobetc we were at the Embassy of Slovakia, spoke about the events of December 19 and about today, and asked for help in the release of all political prisoners. I also talk to other people, for example, yesterday went with my mother to the hospital Andrei Sannikov. It turned out that she had suffered pneumonia, but refused hospitalization, and now we are going to visit her. Vladimir Trofimovitch Khalipov made a second surgery on the eye, as well, although he and complicated case. Mama Irina Khalip Lucia Yu yesterday even after two searches went to visit him. Also, I finally got through to Natalia Klaskouski — she was very happy to say that one and it is very difficult. Only one transmission was able to convey to her husband, so we will look for a way out. And just talking to my mother Natalia Radina — tomorrow we will all meet again. "

As reported by Olga Bondarenko, activists initiative "Liberation" intend to visit Russia and the U.S. Embassy.



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